Sega Announces Mobile Exclusive Crazy Taxi: City Rush

I’ve got fond memories of the original Crazy Taxi. Back when my wife and I were just dating, it was the only video game that helped us bond — on Dreamcast!

Now Mrs. Tylwalk mostly does her gaming on an iPad, which is why she’s probably going to be psyched by this: Sega has announced Crazy Taxi: City Rush, exclusively for mobile devices. Already soft-launched in several regions, the follow-up to the arcade classic will hit iOS and Android devices all over the world later this year.

Original Crazy Taxi creator Kenji Kanno and Hardlight Studios have put their heads together for this one, which will feature numerous missions and challenges, customizable cabs and the ability to take your friends for rides to earn special rewards. Naturally, you’ll also be able to drive on streets, sidewalks and ramps (but how about underwater?), whip around corners and generally drive crazy through a big city setting.

“I’m very excited to finally be able to share with you the first news of Crazy Taxi: City Rush,” Kanno said in a press release. “We are delivering a truly fun game that captures everything our fans love about the original and infusing it with several new features to create an even more fantastic and memorable experience.”

City Rush will be a free download, and to celebrate its announcement, the original Crazy Taxi is also free on the App Store and Google Play for a limited time.

Want more? Here’s the first trailer to get you in the proper cab-driving mood.

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  • David William

    The game in crazy enough, but I guess future updates
    can enhance the graphics. More details within the game can surely give the
    title an edge over competition out there in the stores. However, Crazy Taxi:
    City Rush is an overall good game, wouldn’t mind testing it!