What New Consoles Have You Purchased?

640px-PS4_vs_XBOX_ONE_vs_Wii_UNow that we are several months past the launch of the Xbox One and PS4, and a bit longer for the Wii U, it seems like a good opportunity to see what the Gamesided Community has bought as their consoles for the future.  There have been many reports that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, and there are many reasons why, but I wanted to see what you all had actually chosen.  If you had bought the PS4 or Xbox One or Wii U, or all of them.  I wanted to see a microcosm into the success of the Xbox, PS4 and Wii U.

This little poll might give us some insight into the future successes or failures of the next generation consoles.  Please feel free to leave some comments as to why you purchased, or perhaps more important, didn’t purchase each console.  I would like to do a weekly poll and this is the first one in that series.  Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to complete.

Gamesided Community, Have you purchased a new console?

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  • Jon McSwain

    I am most interested in knowing why you didn’t buy a certain console.

  • http://mediumentertainment.blogspot.com/ Eric Chrisman

    I got a Wii U at launch and a PS4 at launch. Part of me definitely wants to buy an Xbox One because I want to have all the systems but the exclusives between the two and few and far between (and mostly shooters, which as a whole I’m getting a little tired of) and I really loathe Kinect. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if I take the plunge either around Christmas or after I get my tax refund next year.

  • Jon McSwain

    Yeah, Kinect, great in theory, bad in reality. They need to get off that focus and back on the games. It is frustrating to think that the PS4 is waltzing on by the Xbox because they are so preoccupied with the Kinect. It is a shame really.