Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Weapons and Assignments Leaked

The new weapons and assignments coming to Battlefield 4 by way the upcoming Naval Strike DLC have been leaked via an update on the PlayStation 4. Fans will receive five new guns, two new gadgets and four knives according to this leak.

Assault : AR160 (5.56×45, 30 rounds, 700 RPM)
Engineer : SR-2 (9x21mm, 30 rounds, 900 RPM)
Support : AWS (5.56×45, 100 rounds, 800 RPM)
Recon : SR338 (.338, 10 rounds, semi-automatic)
All-Kit : SW40 (.357, 6 rounds, revolver)


M320 3GL (Assault) – Fires 3 smaller 40mm grenades for attacking several targets with less damage than the HE grenade.
AA Mine (Engineer) – Anti-Air Mine which targets air vehicles flying within its radius.


Dive: Crafted to withstand the harshness of the deep sea. An indispensible tool in any diver’s kit. Use it in melee combat to steal your enemy’s dogtags.
Tactical: The recurve design of this blade extends its cutting edge and adds extra bite when slicing through objects or stealing an enemy’s dogtags.
BJ-2: A knife designed for the battlefields of the future. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait to get your hands on it. Use it to steal your enemy’s dogtags today!
Precision: Machined from a single piece of steel, this lightweight dagger is a solid choice for stealing your enemy’s dogtags.
The new assignments included with the DLC are as follows.
Spare time Sniper
  • Assault Rifle ribbon x3
  • Get 20 headshots with Assault Rifles
  • Reward: AR160 
Packing a Punch 
  • Destroy 20 boats
  • Reward: SR-2 
Swiss Cheese 
  • LMG ribbon x3
  • Destroy 3 vehicles as Support
  • Reward: AWS 
Always Deadly 
  • Sniper Rifle ribbon x3
  • Get 5 kills with C4 on NS maps
  • Reward: SR338 
Curve Ball 
  • Get 10 kills with an Impact Grenade
  • Reward: SW40 
Multi Tool 
  • Get 10 kills with UGL Darts
  • Get 10 kills with UGL LVG
  • Reward: M320 3GL
Death from Below 
  • PDW ribbon x3
  • Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers
  • Reward: AA Mine
Source | youtube & bf4only

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