UPDATE: Titanfall Beta Servers Attacked

UPDATE 2: The servers appear to be back up and are working in full, according to our readers. If anything should change, we will be sure to update this post

UPDATE: It looks like the Titanfall beta servers have also been hit by the group. Several Gamesided readers have informed us that they can no longer access the beta. Fans have already begun contacting developer Respawn about the issue via Twitter

Gamesided has also received the following picture via e-mail from user Jason M:


More to come….

ORIGINAL: It appears as though the notorious hacker group — it’s name will not be mentioned for obvious reasons — has set its site on one of the biggest upcoming gaming releases.

As of this posting, the group has taken down Titanfall.com. It is unknown currently if the Titanfall beta has been impacted by the website being taken offline, but the group is also saying that it is only the beginning of their plans. What that exactly means is uncertain, but Gamesided will follow the situation as it develops.

This is the same group that took down the League of Legends servers last week, and has hit the North American servers once again Monday evening.

More to come…


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  • tazmeah

    That notorious hacker group strikes again. Just when you wished the notorious hacker group would go away and stop being the notorious hacker group.

    • http://www.videogamesandnews.com/ THE RED DRAGON

      i always get them confused with that other hacker group

      • BalramRules

        Anonymous? Lulzsec (or however you spell it)? There’s a plethora of them, need a wee bit more specificity, though I am betting it’s Anonymous, they have definitely got the most publicity.

        • Mike Straw Jr.

          It is DERP. I Don’t like to use them in the articles due to past issues caused when done

          • Dal Dudas

            Unfortunately,I think these rejects will target XB1 again :( Mainly because gaming media leads them to believe anything Xbox or Microsoft related is satan….nice going,jerk offs

      • tazmeah

        Obviously! Because naming the notorious hacker group would obviously make them hack us. They’re notorious for it. It’s in their unmentioned name.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Xb1 still doing fine… playing right now with 5 friends finding matches no prob…

  • StrongIsland

    Fucking losers need to get a life I would love to punch those hacker nerds in the face.

  • Hates bad writers.

    This should make the eligible for 10+ years of jail time. You exist solely to fuck with other people, you don’t deserve to live quite honestly. Thanks police departments for putting in minimal effort to catch these buffoons.

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  • Dal Dudas

    Damn Sony Ponies…..I really hope they get AIDS >.<