PlayStation Now Beta Test Video Leaked

Sony_PlayStation_NowThe beta for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Now service is currently on going, and the first user-uploaded video has been released showcasing the service.

The video, which was uploaded by DailyMotion user Fran78888, shows Killzone 3 being streamed to the console through PlayStation Now. The quality of the video isn’t the greatest, but it’s still nice to see the service in action. It’s safe to say it’s only a matter of time before more videos start appearing online for those not lucky enough to be involved in the beta to enjoy.

PS Now Beta by Fran78888
The beta for PlayStation Now is only available on PS3 at the moment, but it is expected to come to the PS4 and PS Vita later this summer. In addition to Killzone 3, others games available for streaming via the beta service include Darksiders II, Disgaea 4, MX vs ATV: Alive, Ninja Gaiden 3, Papo & Yo, Puppeteer, Shawdow of the Colossus and Shatter.


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  • Efrt

    This is going to be a huge failure. Steaming games is tough enough but streaming a game then having multiplayer? No way this works for 90% of users. With crappy internet and data overages this is bound to fail.

    • Joshua Miller

      Who knows, maybe sony will get their stuff together and try to work some deals with certain providers to allow for such a service to exist. Eh, just speculation but maybe that’s what they are betting on and I’m pretty sure most gamers especially in america will probably find a way to make or even get their internet to be good enough if they can to support it. But knowing our luck it will still be crap unless you’re not on a phone company’s internet and have twc, at&t, or some better provider with some decent rate…

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