Little Big Mansion Announced For iOS

screen04Krisjet Game Design has announced that its latest game, Little Big Mansion is coming to iOS, and it’s coming soon. Slated for an early 2014 release, Little Big Mansion is a puzzle-based platformer about two magicians who are looking for the secret that is hidden within an ancient mansion.

Each magician has “an ability that can manipulate the size and the type of objects.”

You can view a teaser trailer for the game below.


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  • Harry Styles

    So all this will be about is to swap objects around
    and resize others to jump over them!? Kind of boring for an action gamer I need
    to admit and let alone the gruesome graphics they have employed therein. Little
    Big Mansion only seems to be a big fat dull game!

  • Big Brother

    It looks like a pretty good game to have on iOS but
    what’s with the graphics? I find it terrible! I mean there are awesome 3D games
    out there and this one just doesn’t seem to have the edge to go against them
    all. I really like the gameplay though and hopefully updates will bring