Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/10/14

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PS4 sold over 530,000 units in the UK in the five weeks it was on sale in 2013, making its the best-selling home video games console over the whole year. Only the 3DS managed to sell more units throughout the year.

MCV reports that the PS4 outsold the Xbox 360 by only a few thousand units, overtaking Microsoft’s system in the final week of the year.

Publishing label 2K Games is to restructure its Prague studio, the company has confirmed to CVG.

It is unclear how many jobs will be lost as some development resources are transferred to the company’s other Czech Republic studio based in Brno. The publisher said it also has an additional plan in place to relocate some staff from both Czech studios to the corporation’s California studio.

2K Games’ Prague studio, formerly known as Illusion Softworks, was responsible for the popular PC title Mafia 2. It was rumoured, though not confirmed, that the development outfit was working on Mafia 3.


The Writers Guild of America announced the nominees for the 2014 Writers Guild Awards Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing today. The writing teams for five games were nominated for the annual award, as follows

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Batman: Arkham Origins

God of War: Ascension

The Last of Us

Lost Planet 3


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