Top 10 Console Games of 2013

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Publication2Wow, 2013 was an exciting year!  The video game industry saw some of the best games ever created AND delivered next generation consoles to the market.  The year never took a break!

So let’s take this time to look back on the fantastic games that were released in 2013, games that are still being played well into the 2014 year.  The games that made my list are games that I enjoyed from start to finish and delivered a phenomenal story and/or multiplayer experience.

These games left an impact on the video game industry, and I’m sure we will see sequels to every game listed herein!

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Here are my Top 10 Console Games of 2013!

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    • Nathan Ball

      I’m sorry you feel that way. This list was based solely on my own opinions which of course will differ from individual to individual. What would your top games have been?