UPDATED: Runescape Victim Of Cyber Attack

Runescape is now the victim of the hacker group

Runescape is now the victim of the hacker group

UPDATE: 1:00PM: The Runescape website and affected servers have been restored. The group has been targeting yet another Twitch user, but nothing major has come of it just yet.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything going on.

ORIGINAL: The hacker group that caused mass mayhem throughout the day on Monday is back at it today, and the first victim are those of the popular MMORPG Runescape.

The group tweeted out around 9:30am EST that something was planned for “another big game”. Then, just before Noon EST, they announced that Runescape.com was down, and they had hit the game’s servers as well. We have tried to access both the website and the game, but we’re met with countless errors.

This just seems to be a case of them proving their power to take down any game that they want, but, as we saw yesterday, it could turn into something much more than that if they wrong person gains access to players’ private information.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


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  • Pandalover

    if i ever find them, i will shove their heads in a vat of frying oil.

    • Dylan

      You are far too generous. I consider them criminals who are destructing other peoples private property. The website, the game, the servers, the personal data, all of it.

  • Mingchao Shi

    They better be going to prison for this!

  • Mingchao Shi

    Well there are about 500k people that pay membership to play runescape and since he took time away from our playing he should serve that time he took away from us.
    Let’s for the sake or argument say it will only be down for 4 hours, [(4x500,000)/24]/365=228years that’s how long their prison sentences should be.

    • Pandalover

      it’s back online.

      • Mingchao Shi

        okay then it was only 2 hours…that’s still 114 years they deserve.