Report: Wii U Outsold Xbox One Last Week

The alleged sales numbers for the week of December 21 have been revealed by VGChartz, and, according to the data, the Wii U outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One console globally last week.

As you can see in the chart below, the Wii U sold 319,860 units world-wide last week while the Xbox One sold only 307,366. Of course, neither systems come close to the numbers of the 3DS which sold 1,078,568 units last week to remain the top selling console in the World.

wii u sales

The news of the Wii U outselling the Xbox One is surprising due to the fact that Microsoft’s console is the newer of the two which has more “hype” at this time of the year. The fact that the Wii U sales are on the upswing can only be good news for a console, and a company, with high hopes for 2014.


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  • gogot

    Wii U – the only true gaming console this gen. The other two are PCs disguised as game consoles. Mandatory installation to play a game?!

    • Geekman

      You have some points, but what distinguishes a console from a PC in the first place is the fact that when you wanna play a console, you can just press a button, click on the game, boom: You’re playing Ghosts. With the Pc, there are all kinds of technical difficulties, but has much better resolution. The PC has many flaws though, that might render a game unplayable, unlike consoles. It’s nice to have something WITH high resolution that has a better chance of not malfunctioning.

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  • Kaihaku

    I’m not surprised at all. Microsoft set the XBone up for failure at its launch announcement and the follow-up presentation at E3. Just because launch sales were amazing doesn’t mean that people have forgotten or forgiven those PR disasters. Microsoft may have adjusted it’s policies but it hasn’t regained many gamers’ trust and respect.

    • GuardiansFan

      which is unfortunate because their new version of the Kinect is amazing.

      • Kaihaku

        It is hands down the coolest piece of hardware in the eighth generation.

  • Geekman

    People keep telling Microsoft to get rid of the Kinect and Nintendo to get rid of the gamepad. But THINK. Xbox One without Kinect and the Wii U without the Gamepad would just make both consoles a less powerful PS4. Their not really gimmicks. (The Kinect a little, but that’s off topic.) Their meant to IMPROVE the experience. The gamepad allows quicker ways to change weapons and check the map and whatnot. (Don’t lie, you ALL got sick of checking the map in Skyward Sword.) and the Kinect….. ok never mind I withdraw my argument there, but it’s still there for a reason. Like the gamepad, an ENTIRELY new gaming experience can be created. We can finally move OUTSIDE of the box we’ve been outside for 7 generations.

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  • Chong

    Wii u will be king soon ,ps4 and Xbox both are garbage…..

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  • Blog Re: Games

    Hm, I really, REALLY wish this was a trend, but look closer at the numbers and you’ll see that was a spike in Japan only – a place where not only the Xbox never caught on, but where the Xbox One isn’t even *available*.

    Not trying to defend MS here, I’d actually throw a party if the Xbox brand went out of business – I believe 90% of the worst trends of gaming in the last 10 years, from the over-reliance on shooting games and twitch-based online play to microtransactions, were all pushed by Microsoft and those formerly PC-based developers they brought to the console market.

    But the reality is that both the PS4 and the Xbone are selling more in the US and Europe according to this chart, and I have no reason to believe this will shift in those territories in favor of Wii U, no matter how I’m rooting for it to drive the Xbone to the ground as it should. It has way better games overall anyway (just look at the Metacritic reports released today, the average score for Wii U games is 5 points above even taking into account the kid-oriented licensed shovelware Nintendo consoles still get from clueless developers).

    • Fernando Garcia

      What’s wrong with shooting games?

  • CaptaineChewbacca

    You forgot to put PC gaming in there

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