VGX 2013: Gone Home Wins Best PC Game

vgx 2013

The PC is said to be for graphic hungry players.  Nvidia even said that the PC is “Far Superior” for gaming.  However, this year has only one nominee that pushes the PC to it’s limits but will that game win?

The VGX 2013 Best PC Game nominees were Battlefield 4, Gone Home, Papers Please, and The Stanley Parable.  Interesting nominees considering the vast amount of PC games on the market.

Nonetheless, this year’s Best PC Game goes to Gone Home, taking home both Best Indie and Best PC Game.  Gone Home was a phenomenal game created by The Fullbright Company, and I bet they’re ecstatic sweeping both categories.  Great job!

You can watch a live stream of the event right here on by following THIS link.


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  • KingRidley

    I am against this, and it has nothing to do with homophobia.

    • Nathan Ball

      I was surprised just as you were. I can see them winning the Indie category, but Best PC Game? Shocking to say the least! Hopefully next year Best PC Game will have better nominees.

  • Glitch

    Those hipster douchebags don’t deserve an award, Gone Home wasn’t even a game.

  • Guest

    Gee out of all the fucking PC games to come out this year you picked Gone Homo.

  • Vidya is kill

    I thought this was an award show for games, not pretentious movies.

    • Keith Williams

      You mad bro lol. Gone Home was better than Stanley and Papers. Deal with it.

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