Reggie From Nintendo America Might Become A Super Smash Bros. Character

Super Smash Bros, first and foremost, is a party game. It’s an arcade action party game in which you fight as Nintendo characters in Nintendo-game-themed stages. It’s great that people can make it competitive within the Fighting Game Community (FGC), but it is primarily served to play between friends for fun, not money. I preface with these statements because it may be of some unnecessary rage to hear that Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime might become a character within the upcoming Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS game.

The Sakurai Ms. Bowen is talking about is Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros series, among other things. The petition she also speaks of is here for you to fill out if you so wish. I will not be doing so, but I don’t see much in the argument against it, either.

The “my body is ready” quote from Reggie has taken on a life of its own. The day he stepped on that Wii pad was the day his life has changed forever. The quote has made its way into many Nintendo games in their English localization, including in Fire Emblem and Pokémon games. It has made Reggie into a character himself, being known more for a throwaway line than his work as NoA president.

Would having him involved in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game tarnish the reputation the series has upheld? I don’t think so. For every Mario, Link and Samus character that has been a character, there has been a R.O.B., Mr. Game and Watch and now the Wii Fit Trainer. The fighting game has not dedicated itself to having the most well-known characters, and has often involved archaic and forgotten Nintendo entities as trophies in past games.

Super Smash Bros is a game about silly arcade fighting fun. Why not have Reggie as a character?

Should Reggie Fils-Aime be a character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros game?

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  • Some Dude

    This has been talked about in the past so I think it’d be great. Also Super Smash Bros is also considered a fighter among many. To me its a combo of party and fighting.

    • Ghabulous Ghoti

      It’s a party game if you are with friends and just having fun. It’s a fighter, and the best damn one at that, if you and a small number of friends know the game well and play in a more serious setting.

  • TheYinzo .

    No! What the hell is wrong with these fans?! If one truly admires the sanctity of the Smash Bros series, it would be clear that Reggie has NO PLACE as a playable character. The man isn’t even iconic to the company, just look at his fails in promoting the Wii U. The Wii U is such an amazing console, and he as president of Nintendo America, has no damn clue on how to advertise it properly. But that’s beside the point. You want a cameo appearance? Fine, I don’t care… but do NOT put him on the roster!

    • Ghabulous Ghoti

      Reggie stepped down from Nintendo of America president a while ago, didn’t he? He’s just a spokesperson now. Besides, we had characters like ROB, who was never actually in a video game. He’s terrible at promoting the Wii U, but as a joke character, it would be great.

      • TheYinzo .

        No, he’s still the president. People always bring up gag characters when arguing in his favor. Don’t know why, it’s not comparable. ROB was an attachment for a few games on the NES and was also a driver in Mario Kart DS and a little mini boss in Wario Ware Smooth Moves, not to mention that Starfox’s ROB 64 is based off of him, so you can’t say he wasn’t in a video game. Not even as a joke do I see Reggie being in the playable roster as a good idea. Why? Because he’s not relevant to anything. He’s not one of the big minds of Nintendo like Satoru Iwata, Masahiro Sakurai, or Shigeru Miyamoto. He’s more like a clown and I hold no respect for the man. Like I said, I’m willing to meet people half way and agree that he could make an appearance as a Mii version of himself as a background character on a stage, a trophy, maybe even an assist trophy if they make a return, but certainly not as a playable character. I’m sorry man, but I’ve been playing this franchise since its release in 1999 and it’s absolutely my favorite game out of anything I’ve ever played. I’d like to think I have some insight on what’s a good idea and what is not. Reggie as a fighter on the roster, not a good idea.

        • Ghabulous Ghoti

          I’ll respect your opinion, but citing when you started playing it means very little to me. Have you gotten every notification in the series? I’ll exclude the ones that require you to play 100,000 and 1,000,000 matches, but have you beaten Melee’s Adventure Mode on Very Hard with a stock of 1? :P

          I can kinda see where you are coming from with it being a bit over the top, but people like Iwata, Sakurai, and Miyamoto just wouldn’t have the same effect. We had total gags like Pichu in Melee, who meant nothing to either casual or competitive players, and Dr. Mario, who is a total WTF? character. As long as he doesn’t boot someone else off the roster, I wouldn’t mind Reggie being playable.

          • TheYinzo .

            Wow, finally someone that can put up a decent argument on their first try without resorting to profanity and insults. For the record, I did beat Adventure on Very Hard with one stock, lol. No, I just felt like I had to point out that I’ve loved the games from the very beginning is all.

            Anyway, I’d like to point out that Pichu and Dr. Mario were not very well liked and they didn’t make a return to Brawl. To be fair, they were clones so that could have been the main reason, like Roy or Young Link. The thing is, if they’re going to spend time developing a character for Reggie and not on another more deserving character, would that not be the same as booting off the more deserving gag character like say… I don’t know just putting some out there: Groose from Skyward Sword, Count Bleck from Paper Mario, a Wonderful 101 character, hell I’m even open to Nabbit from New Super Mario Bros. I can already see him wacking people around with his bag and throwing random crap at them. I mean what makes Reggie so special? What has he done besides be the source of a ridiculous meme?

          • Ghabulous Ghoti

            I don’t like disrespecting people on the internet, so I’ll be pretty nice.

            You got any tips for the Adventure mode thing? I’ve still yet to do it, and it’s the only thing I have left in the entire series to do. I’m a Marth main, if it helps, and in 1-on-1s, I can combo really easily, but the darned Pikachu battle always bests me.

            What makes Reggie special is that he gave Nintendo a personality. A stupid one, and, as you said, a ridiculous one. One so ridiculous, that it’d just work. A W101 character is the only one you listed who I would say might work, though as a non-joke. Nabbit, Groose, and Bleck were all characters who only had one appearance each, unlike Reggie, who has been a major character since a while ago (was it 2005? I don’t recall the exact year), and would be perfectly okay with us all making fun of him like that :P

          • Simon

            I can’t even think how the inclusion of Pichu and Dr. Mario is even CLOSE to what the inclusion of Reggie would be. Seriously, if Reggie gets in there will be no equivalent at all to anything that off the walls getting in Smash. And I assure you, he won’t. Rob was a huge part of gaming history and still a character created by Nintendo. Reggie has some history back up but he is a person, a real PERSON, that has nothing to do with the inclusion of Smash. Seriously, if you’re trying to say something like this has already been done you are waay out there.

          • TheYinzo .

            I salute you, Sir. Thank you for being among the few with sense.

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