Battlefield 4 For PS4 Suffering Crashing Issues

Yesterday, after having some stability issues coinciding with the launch of the Playstation 4, Electronic Arts posted — and removed — a message blaming Sony’s firmware update for stability issues on the console. Now, a day later, EA is taking some heat for a crashing problem that is plaguing the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 that seems to have nothing to do with the firmware update.

According to many users on the Battlefield 4 forums, players have been getting kicked out of games, and are getting shown error code CE-34878-0. Upon relaunch of the game, the game will load fine at first before telling you, the first time after receiving the initial error, that your save file has been corrupted and must be deleted. There have been reports that simply deleting the save files and then launching the game will solve the problem, but, for the most part, it only delays the inevitable from happening again.

I had no issues playing Battlefield 4 at first on my PS4, but then I went to a different application. When I tried to go back to Battlefield after playing a different game, I got hit with the error code, and all of my files had been corrupted.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Battlefield is having issues as it’s been plagued by crashes and glitches on every system it has been released on this year. Hopefully, EA and DICE realize that this is a major problem on their ends, and get it fixed sooner rather than later.

Have you had a problem with your copy of Battlefield 4 crashing? Leave a comment and let us know, or connect with us on Twitter @Gamesideddotcom.

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  • Slay

    This ps4 launch has just been a disaster of epic proportions. The hits just keep coming.


      And we still have the xbone to come!!!! Facepalm!

    • LupineMP3j

      I actually think it’s been doing quite well.

      You think it has been a disaster “of epic proportions” because of the media. Everyone’s paying close attention and every issue is widely publicized as media sites hope to appeal to one side of this dumb “console war” or the other. For example, one console locked in a plastic box inevitably overheats, and suddenly the message on the Internet is that the PS4 is prone to overheating. What you need to realize is that this is the launch of brand-new hardware, not an update. There will be flaws here and there (and the overheating thing wasn’t a flaw at all. Who locks a console in a box without ventilation?).

      The flaws themselves, meanwhile, are rather low (with the exception of Battlefield, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the PS4 console itself and more to do with EA). The HDMI issue, it was revealed, can be fixed very easily. The PSN servers are handling hundreds of thousands of people logging in all at once for the first time–of course there will be issues, no matter how much you try to “plan” for it. It happens with Apple, for instance, every time they release a new iOS. A 0.4% hardware failure rate is actually rather stellar. Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox One shortly. They’ll have some flaws too (especially after the quick changes they had to make). Chances are they’ll be rather minor issues, the Internet will make a big freaking deal about them, eventually forget about them, and we’ll all move on with our lives.

      • Necro

        I own the PS4 and it has been a total mess. Whats New rarely works. When you hover over a game, the dynamic game info never shows. Everything takes forever to download. When trying to access a game in the library it sends you back to the media bar. Downloads are taking forever and not allowing my to play as i go. Accessing DLC and other stuff is over complicated and you literally cant view what you have. Most games fail to load servers. Games constantly not downloading, no viewing able offline trophies or profile. Co op trophies are glitching and not awarding players. No dedicated invite option to invite friends to games. terrible chat audio quality. This launch has been a failure and Sony should be ashamed, they system doesnt work as it should. And it sucks because i love the UI/OS. I love the features, i love the controller, i love the gamer focus and power. But all this unnessessary difficulty and not being able to use the system as intended is really driving me to just getting the Xbox one.

        • Chris Marrow

          I have two ps4s and they are fine the problem is the bf4 error code so stop tryn to troll.This launch peaple shit is going to happen,just make sure u have a good warranty.

          • Megaman

            nobody said EVERY console was bad…..It’s the % rate of fail or defected ones that is the problem….My PS4 is good to

          • LupineMP3j

            You mean the “% rate” that you don’t know? …Right.

        • LupineMP3j

          Yeeeeeah…. that’s total BS, lol. Go buy your Xbox and leave people alone.

          • Megaman

            yeah they said you gotta wait 3 to 4 weeks….at the end of the day this should not have happened and it seems to be getting worse day by day….even Sony fans are admitting this….Don’t worry Sony will fix this but just hope it dose not get out of hand in the coming days or weeks

          • LupineMP3j

            ?? Where are you coming from? I was talking to Necro. You said in another post that your console is working just fine.

            nobody said EVERY console was bad…..It’s the % rate of fail or defected ones that is the problem….My PS4 is good to

            What reason would you have to call Sony and have them tell you to wait 3 to 4 weeks for anything?

      • Megaman

        are you serious….go do your research….look at amazon…..look at the failar rate…out of the 7 friends i no that got the PS4 yesterday are having problems and the sad part is there are different problems not just one….Sony needs to fix this issue ASAP….don’t be a fan boy

        • LupineMP3j

          are you serious….go do your research….look at amazon…..look at the failar rate…

          For one, Amazon does not publish failure rates. For two, what you’re seeing is people complaining about having an issue. For the most part, people don’t bother publishing anything at all unless there’s an issue. Amazon sold thousands and thousands of thousands of PS4 consoles. A couple hundred that they sold had an issue, and some of those “issues” weren’t really issues at all. Out of the vast amount of PS4 consoles that Amazon sold, you’re not seeing the number of users that don’t have any issues with the console, so how on earth can you determine what the console’s failure rate may be?

          Now, take away from that number the issues such as PSN, which are temporary and totally normal when hundreds of thousands of people log on at the same time. Then take away the fake ones by Xbox enthusiasts. The number really isn’t that big.

          out of the 7 friends i no that got the PS4 yesterday are having problems and the sad part is there are different problems not just one….Sony needs to fix this issue ASAP

          I’m having trouble understanding this, as you seem to have forgotten to type part of your sentence. Out of the seven friends you know that got the PS4 yesterday… what?

          ….don’t be a fan boy

          I’m sorry, do you know what a fanboy is? I definitely remember saying some stuff about Xbox One in my original comment. I don’t really care which console you or anyone else likes better.

        • spartawar480

          Sony said that it’s a good thing that the same problem isn’t happening to all failed consoles….. meaning that it’s not an EPIC fail situation such as the RROD. Every launch has problems and bugs, a certain fail rate for ANY THING man made is to be expected. Weather it’s a car, iphone, android, tv, ect… they all have an expected fail rate.

    • jackie bowles

      You obviously have no idea as to what you speak of.

      This is an isolated problem that is associated with the cluster fuck known as Battle field 4, which has issues across ALL platforms. Educate yourself before posting, that way you can partially hide that you’re a complete dumb fuck to the masses.

      • traind

        there is really no need for your potty mouth

    • Justin McDermott

      I guess you were not a launch 360 owner then. I went through 5 of them. That is a disaster of epic proportions. I told the MS support person that if one more broke on me I was switching to PS3. That last still works to this day.

    • Sanitarium09

      My console has been flawless.

    • Jason Sharp

      My PS4 works amazingly. I’ve had no problem with Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed, Knack or Killzone. I can jump on Ghosts and Killzone and play multiplayer ALLLLLLL day. Battlefield is the only problem child out of the lot. And the launch hasn’t been a disaster…sooooo…jog on.

  • Paul Hinze

    Yes, this is happening to me too. At first it was just an annoyance because I had to go in and reset all of my preferences (sensitivity, etc), but today it got to the point where I couldn’t even start the game without it crashing. I deleted the game, and reinstalled it. Now I’m waiting for the full game to install. Might be able to play again in an hour. Sigh.

  • Commander Jim

    Hardly surprising since the PC version still crashes even after the first patch.

  • tightpantsad

    how the hell do you invite someone?!!??

  • Tim

    These crashes are seriously ruining my PS4 experience so far. If BF4 doesn’t crash on startup, give it a few minutes. It’s ridiculous that I can’t even play the campaign. Multiplayer is a joke right now. Server browser doesn’t even show any populated servers, quick match puts me in a game, just as long as it’s not conquest. However, when it starts to transition from one map to the next, guess what, CRASH again. I’m starting to think this crash is related to BattleLog. I’ve been able to crash the game just by going to battlelog. Battlelog is hooked into every aspect of the game, even campaign, so if there’s an error there, it will cause problems everywhere in BF4. I was really disappointed to see that my campaign stats from PS3 didn’t transfer to PS4. I still have all the unlocks available to me in multiplayer, but I lost all my trophies and progress from campaign and it looks as if I never even played it.

    • jackie bowles

      It is a problem with the game, this game is having issues across ALL platforms (PS3, 360, and PC)

    • LupineMP3j

      Try a different game in the meantime. :) EA will sort this out. I just wish they didn’t add fuel to the fire by blaming PS4′s update for their mistake, even if they recanted it.

      • Throc Morton

        Yes, because shelling out the money for the system and the game left me with plenty of money to buy another game i’m less interested in playing. If this were any other product, this would be flat out unacceptable.

        • LupineMP3j

          Sorry, but I wasn’t talking to you… I’m not asking you to buy another game and I don’t know what you’re interested in playing, so I couldn’t have been….

  • jackie bowles

    You should also report that this cluster fuck of a game is having issues of ALL platforms and not just the PS4.

  • DaGeeZ

    Wobblegate !!!

  • R0bDC

    EA is rushing DICE to meet release dates, and it’s making Battlefield Games being release in beta stage. EA Worst Company in America. I feel for DICE and the Battlefield franchise

  • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

    Same fate will happen for X1 next week. Oh the fun times when new system launches.

  • Gavin Mccree

    So everyone is having this error code BS?? i cant play either and its the only game i actually want to play on my PS4. I agree with some of you the launch hasn’t been terrible but there is a serious lack of games to play right now. It totally sucks Infamous wasn’t an actual launch title…

  • Sanitarium09

    I’ve had many crashes on the PS4 version. Seems like there is no pattern to it, it just does it whenever it wants. It’s crashed for me in game as well as in menus. I haven’t gotten a corrupted save message yet. I hope it’s patched soon as I’ve payed over $100 for this one game between the initial purchase and premium.

  • Chris McCarthy

    I got my ps4 launch day until 20 minutes ago it was working flawless. Now I’m plagued by this error. It seems after I registered for BattleLog it started happening.

  • Kuregan

    happening to me

  • Jon

    battlefield 4 doesn’t work at all and PS4 has been messed up also. Wish i never got rid of PS3.

  • shanaman23

    im glad i found this article. i thought it was my disc and that i was going to have to buy a new one. im awaiting a patch and hoping this will be fixed asap!

  • squat251

    Ive had it crash twice now during the campaign, but no corrupted save files yet.

    • Devin Whittemore

      Same with me, until it crashed a third time and I lost my data, it will happen eventually :(

      • squat251

        Now mine will crash as soon as I get to the main menu for the first time (on game launch) but if I really quickly hit x I can still play. Still no save corruption, though I don’t really care any more since I was able to complete the game using that trick. Oddly, after I have done this, I can go back to the main menu just fine. though to be honest, I wouldn’t know if I had save corruption, as I cannot find my individual saves.

  • Devin Whittemore

    Yup. This is happening to me

  • Escopablobar

    Yes. It happened once. My file wasn’t corrupted though.

  • Tony

    I cannot get into a conquest game on multiplayer, it crashes every 4-5 battles, and like you said the campaign will not save. I wish I would have read this before playing 3 hours on campaign for absolutely nothing now.

  • atlanticmoon

    Can I get my money back?

  • Mike Anderson

    bf4 crashes on my ps4. cant do anything about it…..

  • John B Badd

    I have already deleted the game and reinstalled it, loosing all of my saved progress. It worked once, and now it is giving me the error again whenever I try to play it. I am ready to return the game and demand a trade.

  • Ditto-The-Mark

    It feels like I paid 60$ for single player campaign, seeing as though I can’t get into any conquest servers and all other servers cause me to crash within 2 minutes of gameplay.

    • Timothy Nguyen

      Even then, my campaign ended up crashing and I lost 6 hours on hard difficulty.

  • Joe Horne

    same thing is happening to me

  • Fred Munster

    Im gonna make this simple for everyone here to understand. If you purchased a TV and on the first day and it didn’t work, would you wait for a firmware update? No. If you purchased a computer and it was crashing on the first day, would you wait for a firmware update, No (and you’re and idiot if you do). If you purchased a cell phone and you couldn’t make calls your first day for longer than 3 minutes, would you keep it until an update came out…NO.
    So why the hell are WE ALL tolerating this? If everyone started returning this junk then guess what, they would lose an ass load of money and it would it the fan. And I’ll bet the next one, works BEFORE they release it. If I wanted to be a BETA tester, I would of signed up. PERIOD.

    • JesterMarcus

      They wouldn’t lose any money, just the store you bought it from would.

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  • NeWS GaMiNG
  • Mag Wolf

    Hey EA if this is a Sony issue then why does all of the other games for Sony have no issues and only You with Need for speed and BF4 are having this error? Explain that? Oh you can? Good at passing the blame. Kinda like how you treat all your customers like they are criminals. You EA are the true criminals.

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  • PachterStation

    This can only happen in the software industry. It should be against the law in any country to release bugged software. Most software that is bugged gets sent out bugged. Publishers are not bothered because you’ve bought the game, so then you have to wait for an update. Not sure what your consumer rights are after buying bugged software. But I suppose now and again, software is released without bugs then things go wrong. Proving whether software was bugged before or after it was released is the hard part. But if the law was changed that consumers can return software for a refund, this would punish publishers in the pocket resulting in software being released in a much better state. Not sure if this is down to software or hardware, but I bet it’s software. This happens year in, year out because publishers can get away with it.

  • madhatterer

    I can’t play conquest from quick match. And when I find a server to play conquest it kicks me out after a couple of minutes. Does anyone know of a fix, or when dice is doing to fix this? I knew I shiuld have just kept playing the ps3 version.

  • Rain

    Having the same issue, crashes then when re booted says all files are corrupt?

  • cell989

    This happened to me, I was half way through the f-ing campaign and lost about 2 hours of progress, thankfully it had saved on the cloud so I didnt have to play the whole run all over again

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  • NoNameHere

    Im so over these crashes, if they dont fix this bs im just going to return it and not bother with this broken crap.

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