What Is The PlayStation 4 Red Light

ps4 redWhile most of the Playstation 4 consoles that gamers have gotten their hands on have worked without issue, there are some cases — less than 0.4% according to Sony — where the console isn’t working the way it’s intended.

There have been reports of faulty HDMI ports, an inability to download the update from PSN and even a “red line of death”. You read that right. On some people’s consoles, a blinking red line has appeared followed by a shut down of the system. But what exactly does the red light mean?

Well, it’s not entirely what you would assume it means.

According to the Playstation manual, the blinking red light simply means that your console is overheating. However, it doesn’t mean that your system is now bricked — unusable. Rather, it simply means that you need to keep the console off for a while in order for it to properly cool.

So, what causes your console to over heat? Well, the answers to that are pretty obvious.

Don’t keep your PS4 in a small, low ventilation area. As long as you keep it in an area where it can breath and not collect dust, you shouldn’t have to worry about the dreaded red light. Of course, if you continue to have issues after cool down, you should probably contact Sony itself.

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  • DaGeeZ

    Hitlers reaction to the Failstation4 launch disaster…

    • BillyHoWCR

      I am sorry. i really shouldn’t support these Fanboy types of responses… but this has to be one of the best ‘Hitler Reaction’ videos I have seen yet!

      i actually felt almost sorry for Hitler at the end of the video.

      And the Sessler part was perfect.

  • SeNiLe911
    • DaGeeZ

      Bhahaahaha… best gif so far

  • cubs223425

    It’s not the best defense that keeping the console in a well-ventilated area will help alleviate the issue when the one video you post shows it going down in a well-ventilated area.

    Also, you say Sony called the failure rate just 0.4%, but that’s the pre-launch number they quoted. They said that when the HDMI issue became widely-known. We’ve added the Red Light of Death and excessively-loud fans to the mix since, so that 0.4% failure rate has likely crept up, even if to just 0.8%.

  • DaGeeZ

    Pauperstation is hitting roughly a 40% FAILURE rate on Amazon…


    You get what you pay for in the end… the ps4 was a big massive LIE!!!

    The next gen is OVER… XBOX WON!!!

    • cubs223425

      Psst…two things:

      1. The Xbox 360 was riddled with RRoD issues and still finished right up there with the PS3 at the end.
      2. People tend to complain more than compliment, so don’t think for a second that 100% of people are leaving comments on Amazon. the same goes for many games, like World of Warcraft, where balance is needed. The comments come from the disgruntled, not the satisfied. The satisfied are typically off playing their games, so they don’t bother leaving reviews on Amazon.

      • BillyHoWCR

        True that in most cases those complaining speak up a lot more then those praising. Likely those satisfied aren’t in a hurry to rush back and give a positive review. While those having issues will surely voice them if they have the avenue to do so.

      • DaGeeZ

        1. The Xbox360 stayed ahead right to the end and was the superior machine to the failstation3. It was the gamers choice, despite the RROD… imagine what it would of been like if the RROD didn’t happen?! the ps3 would of been massacred… food for thought indeed… the RROD saved sonys arse.
        2. Generally true… although sonfanboys are immensely insecure and defensive entities… I feel that the sonyfanboy will feel compelled to post positives if they see their inferior product is under attack(even if their ps4 is dead or not). So I expect a percentage of ps4 owners never to own up and tell it how it is(lying like sony). So I expect the numbers of comments to generally show the percentage of ps4 failures… on average.

        So this time around sony has produced a shockingly poor piece of hardware with many many issues…
        - the Red Line of Death
        - the HDMI port problems
        - extreme fan noise when the console is overheating(‘sounds like a plane taking off’)
        - controller issues, arm bars are sticking and the rubber is peeling off the thumb sticks.
        - Wobblegate … the ps4 wobbles when put under a small amount of pressure(a bit like a sonyfanboy really)
        - the Blu Ray drives that are making loud disconcerting ‘scratching’ noises
        - PSN is DOWN… again, what a surprise!!!
        - EA is reporting that the latest patch is bricking the ps4

        THIS IS HUGE DUDE!!!

        This is grade-A FAIL.

        • cubs223425

          “failstation3″ Yeah, I can tell what level of bias and reason you’re operating on from that right there. I’m a 100% Xbox person, had an Xbox of some kind since Christmas 2001, and I’ve been on live for 10+ years. Regardless, you’re being absolutely delusional and illogical here.

          1. As of November 2, Sony has the PS3 down for 80 million units sold. As of September 30, Microsoft has the Xbox 360 at 79.4 million units sold. A gap of 600,000 could have been made up, but I really don’t think it was. You’re not even using logic about the RRoD though, because it was mostly taken care of (from a logistical standpoint) by the time the PS3 released. What sold the PS3 wasn’t the freaking RRoD, it was a deep library of games that appealed to the masses. Though I didn’t have interest in them, people were drawn to titles such as Infamous, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, and The Last of Us. You’re full of crap if you think the RRoD sold the PS3, because its library sold it.
          2. “sonfanboys are immensely insecure and defensive entities” Don’t you think that you should invest in a mirror? You’re being the worst kind of “fanboy” here, busting out the unfunny “puns,” dumb on-liners, and pushing delusions of grandeur to new heights.

          You want me to cover those DEVASTATING hardware failures? I can do that as well:

          1. RRoD, little hypocritical to freak out at the light.
          2. E74, a SECOND fault so bad it had to be covered by that 3-year extended warranty Microsoft offerred.
          3. The original 360 was notorious for fan noise, and even some Slim models suffer from it. I’d rather have a loud fan than a weak one, but that’s just me.
          4. The rubber thing died out before it was even birthed, silly complaint. What, 3 overly-zealous folks were too rough on their controllers and messed them up? Granted, it took a LONG time, but I wore the rubber off of one of my 360 controllers.
          5. Did you coin that terrible joke term? You have to make a distinct effort to press down on one specific part of the console to make it move, and it was shown that a whopping 8 Post-It notes render that issue completely resolved.
          6. I’ll just refer you here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_technical_problems#Scratched_discs
          7. Welcome to every big launch involving the Internet. World of Warcraft is at an all-time low of 7.5 million players, yet it’s still the biggest online game in the world. It’s been up around 12 million players in the past, yet it is known for having server issues every expansion, along with during general maintenance or patches every few months. Diablo III survived horrid server issues. Even EA’s SimCity survived. GTA V survived flat-out deleting characters. That an online service is down isn’t uncommon or severe, especially since we don’t have the MMO-infused games like Destiny and Titanfall out on consoles yet.
          8. EA corrected itself and admitted it was wrong on that in a matter of hours, try again.

          None of that stuff is huge, when put into the overall context of how new tech typically goes. The Xbox 360 was riddled with hardware issues. Several major games have suffered crippling online issues at launch. None of this stuff is a death blow. None of it is a “fail” (aren’t we over that term yet?). It’s all typical launch hiccups, and you’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself, because it’s highly unlikely that the Xbox One launches without issues.

          But no, please tell me how Sony’s success is a lie built by Microsoft’s mistakes and how the sky is falling across Japan.

    • Manuel Sanchez AkA-Wiqqles

      LOl 40% lol plz show me some links plz do lol as they said 2% son do some mathis :D

  • You are flat out wrong

    Xdrones grasping at straws like the scum they are.

    • Guest

      The only one I see grasping at straws is YOU! You must be one pathetic little pauper.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Be quiet, Zaire.

  • PachterStation

    As time goes on, the fault rate will go up and up. Gamers who spend far too much time playing games online will be the most prone to this. Fair enough, it could also happen to gamers who don’t game much, even if they don’t play online much. But Sony going at it like hammer and nail to get these out, this is what happens. Faulty ports, cooling system and power units, it’s going to happen. It’s not that the console hasn’t been tested enough, it’s the speed that they’re sticking them together.

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