NBA 2K14 To Have Exclusive Content For PS4

twolvesDuring it’s latest round of trailer releases for the PlayStation 4, Sony revealed that its console will have exclusive in-game content from NBA 2K14.

It’s unclear exactly what the exclusive content will be, but what is clear is the fact that it’s Sony’s way of counteracting EA Sports’ “strategic partnership” with Microsoft and the Xbox One. If one had to guess, however, it’s likely to be exclusive MyTeam content for PS4 users in the same way that FIFA 14 players get exclusive Ultimate Team content on the Xbox One. To see anything more than that would be a, pleasant, surprise.

What do you think this exclusive in-game content for NBA 2k14 could be? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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  • Phil T. Rich ♕d-_-b♚

    The exclusive content would have Paul Pierce wheel out In a wheelchair and comeback a minute later with a 10+ Rating in flopping.

  • cubs223425

    Well, there just went any chance of a 2K!4 purchase from me. It’s like 2K Sports wants me to never buy from them again. MLB 2K13 was the biggest fiasco they’ve ever managed, causing me to pass on that. This exclusive content thing sucks so badly that it has me lightly considering a LIVE 14 purchase (which would be my first retail EA purchase in 5+ years), but it’s more likely I’ll just not have a basketball game.

    Yeah, I know it’s hypocritical to say I’d buy an EA game with Microsoft-exclusive content, but not a 2K game with Sony-exclusive content. I’m a Microsoft person though, and the issue isn’t that I have a problem with exclusive content, it’s when I’m being told that I’m being sold the same game with fewer features for the same price, simply because of my platform. I like added extras, but I don’t like having them taken from me over my platform choice. It’s hypocrisy, but the hypocrisy is that I don’t want a lesser product.

    If you want to do this, you should discount the competing version by $5 or increase the one with the exclusive content by $5 or something, because selling the same thing with missing stuff for the same price is dumb. I also encourage Sony people to not buy LIVE 14 because of this same reason. Publishers are being buttholes, and I can’t say I’m dying to pay them for that courtesy.