Rumor: Possible Future Assassin's Creed Locations

assassins-creed-logoAssassin’s Creed: Black Flag hit store shelves on October 29, but already there are rumors running about the next title in the popular series.

According to an internal Ubisoft e-mail, settings for Assassin’s Creed 5 have been seemingly narrowed down to a list of five time periods and locations. The settings reportedly being discussed for the next Assassin’s Creed title are:

13th century Egypt.
14th century Ashikaga Shogunate Japan
18th century French Revolution
19th century Napoleonic War or Taiwan
20th Century summer of love (likely to be a joke)

If a guess had to be ventured, Japan would likely be the setting of one of the next couple Assassin’s Creed titles due to the demand from fans of the series to be able to play during the Shogunate era.

What time would you like to see the next game take place in? Leave a comment below, and let us know.

Credit GamesRadar for originally finding this awesome information.


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  • Minhazuddin Mohammed

    It will be Napoleonic War featuring lead assassin Arbaaz Mir with his involvement in the rise of Sikh Empire in Indian sub-continent and role of Napoleon in the events. Also his involvement in Egypt with the hopes to ally with the British and rebel against Tipu Sultan.

  • Minhazuddin Mohammed

    General Jean Francois Allard (1785 – 1839) will be a key character.

  • Minhazuddin Mohammed

    The sheer victory of Napoleon will be dedicated to a piece of Eden he is rumored to possess.

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  • Alec Grimm

    19th Century- American Wild west would be a decent Era to play.

  • Arbis

    Egypt will be the best,if set during the pharaoh reign and during the build of giza or sphinx,japan not suited for assassins creed.if set in Egypt,it will bring back the greatness of AC just like the first AC game..the hieroglyphics,pyramids and tyrant pharaohs will make for a mysterious and thrilling experience../

    • Alec Grimm

      I think that Egypt would be best played with the Romans involved, giving it two sides to the conflict. Japan could be very easily done though, maybe if they did it during the Meiji Restoration.

  • Alec Grimm

    WWI would also be a decent idea. Lots of Trenches, barbed wire, ruins and mines in the no man’s land.

  • Randall

    Id like to see connor during the french revolution maybe meeting a french girl while saving royals like the scarlette pimpernale… Seeing as his dad’s templar mentor was killed there might tie off some loose ends his dad never got to while also playing some memories of haytham and edward in it and maybe visiting his aunt if she is still alive over in london and take over family estate etc. Because he isn’t happy with the results of the end of the american revolution.

  • Randall

    Sorry bad grammar using phone

  • Rylone

    why not assassins creed 5 take place in the wild west and assassins creed 6 be the last in the franchise and take place during world war 2 ?

  • Minhazuddin Mohammed

    and they are going to introduce a new modern day protagonist which will be Jot Soora surviving aftermath of the death of his fiance Monima Das. The modern day protagonist in AC4:Black Flag that we play as ourselves will turn out to be Jot Soora actually investigating further into Abstergo Entertainment after Monima’s death. Read AC Brahman for more references.

  • Milly

    Victorian London Ubisoft make it happen!

  • Mário Parada

    14th century Ashikaga Shogunate Japan

  • Mário Parada

    Romans , and gladiators era . Persian empire would be cool to .