Pokemon X & Y: Mega Evolutions

Charizard's Mega-Evolution stage in X (Right) and Y (Left)

Charizard’s Mega-Evolution stage in X (Right) and Y (Left)

With Pokemon X & Y, the creators decided to step up their game by making the older Pokemon even more fun to use than before.

With the introduction of Mega Evolutions, Pokemon that were thought to be done with their evolution cycle get another chance to take on a completely new form that has never been seen before.

To mega-evolve a Pokemon, that creature must be holding the applicable Mega Stone. For example, to get a Mega Charizard, a player’s normal Charizard must be holding Charizardite X or Y, depending on the game. Mega Evolutions give Pokemon new abilities and types for the battle that the Pokemon is involved in. Unlike normal evolution, however, Pokemon who mega evolve return to their pre-mega state once the battle is over.

For a list of the brand new Pokemon introduced with Pokemon X & Y, click here. For the Mega Evolutions available, check out the list below.

Est. Date and Time (EDT/GMT-6)
Estimated Length
6/26/2014 3:34:11 PMGoldeneyel34ss l3oost1:20:00
6/26/2014 4:54:11 PMDoom 64peaches_1:30:00
6/26/2014 6:24:11 PMHalo: Combat EvolvedGoatrope2:10:00
6/26/2014 8:34:11 PMRayman Legends (Race)FearfulFerret, Spikevegeta, Ubergoose2:00:00
6/26/2014 10:34:11 PMLegend of Zelda: Skyward SwordTLoZSR, Testrunner6:00:00
6/27/2014 4:34:11 AMDishonoredFearfulFerret, DecidedSloth1:05:00
6/27/2014 5:39:11 AMFallout 3stonenot0:50:00
6/27/2014 6:29:11 AMBible AdventuresBrossentia0:15:00
6/27/2014 6:44:11 AMChip and Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (Co-op)Sinister1, feasel0:20:00
6/27/2014 7:04:11 AMBubble Bobble (Co-op)Darkwing Duck, MetaSigma0:45:00
6/27/2014 7:49:11 AMCastlevaniakissmyafrocard0:20:00
6/27/2014 8:09:11 AMCastlevania III: Dracula's Cursekissmyafrocard0:40:00
6/27/2014 8:49:11 AMPotential bonus game: NInja Gaiden PacifistUnknownUnknown
6/27/2014 8:49:11 AMNinja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomCrak Atak0:25:00
6/27/2014 9:14:11 AMBionic CommandoPJ0:35:00
6/27/2014 9:49:11 AMMetal Setup Chaos: the story of the President of this great United States of AmericaMurphagator3:00:00
6/27/2014 12:49:11 PMHereticCubeface0:35:00
6/27/2014 1:24:11 PMUltimate Doom (Race)ubelwagon, Dime0:45:00

h/t Serebii.net


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