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watch dogs

“Watch_Dogs” has been a long time coming, and has routinely impressed with it’s original take on the open world genre, and unique narrative involving the flaws of a technologically based future.

How fitting then, that we learn the game is possible to be played, and even enjoyed, without moving your main character at all. In a recent developers round table at the Euro Gamer Expo, creative director Johnathan Morin explains how such a thing is possible.

“In ‘Watch_Dogs’ you can pretty much stand still and play the game…for 20 minutes. Which is a bit crazy when you think about it. You can just wander around, stop and start profiling everybody.”


Rockstar’s known for its open world, single player-driven experiences. We’re talking $1 billion in three days types of single player games. Why’s the company using up resources to develop “Grand Theft Auto Online” when its only had lukewarm experiences with multiplayer in the past?

According to Rockstar vice president Dan Houser, single player may be king, but multiplayer’s a worthwhile venture too.

If the multiplayer plays an important part in the “Grand Theft Auto V” experience, why not launch “Grand Theft Auto Online” at the same time as the single player? Practicality and technical limitations. Working on shipping both “Grand Theft Auto V” and its online portion is a huge technical feat. Focusing on just one project at a time would be much more practical and less taxing on the development team.


A PlayStation Vita version of Keiji Inafune’s “Mighty No. 9,” the spiritual successor to the “Mega Man” series, is a Kickstarter stretch goal.

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad, the man seen as largely responsible for Sony’s extensive indie push with the PlayStation 4 and Vita, made the announcement during a developer sessions at this year’s EGX.

“Mighty No. 9″ is an action platformer cast firmly in the “Mega Man” mould, with Inafune and his Comcept studio taking to Kickstarter to fund the project.


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