Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 9/28/13


2K Sports has released a new “NBA 2K14″ developer diary video that details this year’s overhauled controls.

Devs in the video detail the new ‘Pro Stick’ control mechanic. According to the blurb, “The Pro Stick is the most intuitive controls feature to ever be implemented into a basketball game. This will allow gamers to execute show-stopping moves, make intricate shots, and distribute flashy no-look passes with pinpoint accuracy while using the Pro Stick control.”

“‘NBA 2K14′ has seen a major upgrade in gameplay,” promises the developer.


Back in January, rumors begin to surface that China was considering lifting a ban on the sales of video game consoles within the country. More reports that the ban would be lifted surfaced earlier this summer when it was again reported that China was considering eliminating the video game console ban. Today reports are coming in that China has voted to approve plans leading to the elimination of the ban on video game console sales that has been in place for 13 years.

There is one caveat to the ban removal with reports indicating that the catch is that game developers will have to be located within the Shanghai free trade zone. This is the same zone where China is also reported to be lifting restrictions blocking access to websites such as Facebook. In the instance of lifting the ban on websites like Facebook, access will only to be granted to those living and working within the free trade zone according to reports.


The online video game in the works when former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s company sputtered into bankruptcy last year is heading to the auction block.

Heritage Global Partners on Friday began formally marketing the “massively multiplayer online” game and other intellectual property belonging to 38 Studios. Prospective bidders will be vetted ahead of an auction tentatively scheduled for November.

Richard Land, the court-appointed receiver for 38 Studios, and Nick Jimenez, executive vice president at Heritage, declined to estimate the worth of the game, code-named “Copernicus,” which went unfinished when the company ran out of money and laid off all its employees.

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