Luke Cage Arrives In Marvel Heroes Game Update 1.3

When it comes to keeping the Avengers grounded, no one does it better than Luke Cage. Now he’s bringing his no nonsense approach to super heroics to “Marvel Heroes” as the game’s latest playable character.

Cage has unbreakable skin and super strength, naturally, but even though he comes off as a loner, he also has the ability to summon his teammates from Heroes for Hire. He’s available in-game or through the Luke Cage Hero Pack, which gets you Cage and three costumes—Luke Cage Modern, Luke Cage Street and Luke Cage Classic (Sweet Christmas!)—for $19.99.

Game Update 1.3 isn’t all about Luke either. The new Hero Synergy System unlocks account-wide bonuses once a character hits levels 25 and 50, permitting more customization than ever. Prestige Mode is for bragging rights, allowing max level characters to start back over at level 1 with a color-coded system to let other players know how many times they’ve been around and back again.

New content comes in the form of Legendary Quests, assigned to heroes by some guy named Odin. These are supposed to be the hardest missions in the game, but they come with the biggest rewards, plus the opportunity to craft Legendary Blessings for artifacts.

Last but certainly not least, new costumes are in the in-game store. We’re talking Lady Deadpooland Black Widow’s Thunderbolts outfit, so let’s hear it for the ladies.

Anyway, it all adds up to plenty of reasons to check out “Marvel Heroes,” not the least of which is you possibly having to answer to Cage if you don’t. And trust me, you don’t want that.

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