Crafting Comes To Super Hero Squad Online


Yes, you read that right. The latest addition to “Super Hero Squad Online” will have you gathering materials so your Squaddies can create potions, sidekicks, and other assorted goodies. It’s crafting alright, just like you’d find in other MMOs, and Gazillion is even gving you a head start since you can enter the code “ADMNTENIUM” to get 10 free Adamantium fragments. Perfect for building your very own totally safe, definitely not genocidal robot, right Hank Pym?

Here’s the thing: super heroes don’t really spend a lot of time crafting, right? It’s not like the Avengers sit around in the tower cooking up potions between crises. Although Tony Stark sure does a lot of crafting, and Reed Richards too, plus Peter Parker cobbled together his own web-shooters and fluid (except for the Tobey Maguire version). You know what? Never mind, it’s all good.

The other new hotness for this week is the Berzerker Box, which may contain the playable version of Sabretooth. Wolverine may not be too happy to see his arch-enemy/birthday tormenter show up, but you might be once you get to test out his “Lotsa Claws” and “Furious Anger” abilities.

Sounds like more good reasons to hero up. Hit that big red “Play Now” button and enjoy!

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