Watch Dogs Runs At 30 FPS For PS4, Xbox One

It seems like every week that there is a new next-gen title that has to either retract statements about their technical specs or announce lower-than-expected limits for what we consider to be next-gen standards. For Watch Dogs, it happens to be the latter, as creative director Jonathan Morin told VideoGamer that Watch Dogs will run at 30 FPS for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Right now the frame rate we’re focussing on [is] a steady 30[FPS]. There’s always a balance, especially for open world, between the simulation and the rest. I think for where we are, the most important thing is the steadiness and [ensuring] that it’s always capped the same so when you play it it feels right.

In addition, Morin could not confirm what the resolution would be for Watch Dogs. It would most likely be 1080p or 720p. The comments made seem to reflect making sure that there are no FPS drops, making the 30 FPS possibly consistent throughout the game.

Hopefully this trend of lackluster technical aspects for next-gen games slows down. We already heard that Ryse will be at 900p resolutionwith a number of other games either at a lower FPS, resolution or both. Of course, the companies making these games have to spend half their time making the current-gen versions as well, but hopefully into the first and second years of the PS4 and Xbox One we will begin to see just what these powerhouse consoles can do.

Watch Dogs will be released for PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PC on November 19th, PS4 on November 15th and Xbox One November 22nd in North America.


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