Star Wars: The Old Republic Braces For The Dread War


The Dread Masters: they just sound scary. They’re also getting ready to take center stage in the next update to “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” which is appropriately titled “The Dread War.”

Game Update 2.4, as it’s also less colorfully known, promises to have a little something for everyone. First and foremost is Oricon, a new story mission area that will deal directly with the machinations of the Dread Masters and their probably equally scary fortress. Considering story is one of the main selling points of “The Old Republic,” this is something that should be a welcome addition.

Two new Level 55 Operations promise a chance to get have your high level characters get up close and personal with the Dread Masters and their servants, which is probably the only way The Dread War is going to be settled. And on the PvP front, the update will introduce three brand spanking new 4v4 Warzone Arenas (one each on Makeb, Tatooine, and on an orbital station) that will focus on best-of-three deathmatches in both ranked and unranked battles.

No firm date has been announced for The Dread War yet, but you can check out the update’s official page for more details as they are revealed. Or just keep coming back to GameSided, because we’d appreciate that too.

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