Naughty Dog Details The Last Of Us DLC Plans

Just about 4 months after its release, The Last of Us will receive the first of 3 season pass DLC additions, Naughty Dog has announced on the PlayStation blog.

The first season pass DLC will be the Abandoned Territories Map Pack and it will be available on October 16th. It is a multiplayer add-on that includes dust-stormy Suburbs, overgrown urban Bus Depot, stealth-based and moonlight Hometown and multi-leveled Bookstore maps.

The second DLC is what fans of the single player campaign are looking forward to, as the unnamed DLC will feature a brand new single player storyline with the lore and events of The Last of Us. Performance capture will begin shortly, with an expected release of this December/January 2014. The final season pass DLC will again be multiplayer focused, with a target of a first half 2014 release. To accommodate the longer wait time, season pass owners will be given an additional free 60 headgear items to choose from in multiplayer mode.

While the idea of a season pass to buy DLC ahead of time is a head-scratcher of an idea to some, it is at least fair of Naughty Dog to detail the scope of what is coming to the season pass ahead of time. Some people don’t even bother with multiplayer content and stick with the single player campaign, while others either like both or just multiplayer. Now that the plans are out there, consumers can choose whether or not to save money and buy the pass or to just buy the individual DLC of their choosing.

The first DLC of The Last of Us will be coming exclusively to PS3 on October 16.

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