Mutant Football League Gets Boost From Football Heroes


Despite its status as the spiritual successor to a bona fide cult classic from the Genesis days, the “Mutant Football League” Kickstarter campaign isn’t doing so well. Creator Michael Mendheim isn’t throwing in the towel yet though, announcing that he’s acquired some assistance from another upcoming football game that offers a different take on America’s favorite sport.

Run Games has agreed to use “Football Heroes,” its multi-platform football game that has been described as a cross between “Tecmo Bowl” and “NBA Jam” as the engine upon which “Mutant Football League” will be built if funded. It’s a marriage of convenience on Mendheim’s part, to be sure, but also one that seems to make a lot of sense.

“We are lucky enough to have found an elegant solution to our development risks,” Mendheim said in a recent press release. “Not only is the game really fun, but the ‘Football Heroes’ game engine is very flexible, so we are able to adjust it to fit the needs of ‘Mutant Football League.’ This technology will help us create a better game that gets delivered faster than we could make happen on our own.”

It’s not going to be enough to get Mendheim’s baby from $86,000 to $750,000 in 18 days on its own, but it certainly can’t hurt. Check out the Facebook pages for “Mutant Football League” and “Football Heroes” to keep tabs on the latest developments for both games.

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