2K Drive Gets New Cars, Events, Control Improvements

Jaguar F-TYPE (2)

When we reviewed “2K Drive” earlier this month, one of the things that jumped out about the nice-looking mobile racer is that it needed more cars. With its first major update, it’s getting a few more rides from across the pond, as well as some other new content based on feedback from you. Or at least you if you made it known what you wanted to see.

The four new vehicles have something in common, as they’re all from Great Britain. The Jaguar F-TYPE, Vauxhall Astra VXR, Range Rover Evoque Si4 and Range Rover Evoque SD4 all join the fold, hopefully satisfying anyone’s need for on or off-road British driving action.

A new restart option has been added to the game’s pause menu—perfect if you’re like me and you realize you’re not going to win after crashing on the first lap—along with adjustments to steering sensitivity. Lucid Games also cooked up a series of new events, helping to bolster what was already one of the game’s strengths.

Of course maybe you’d rather see some of the additions rather than read me talking about them, in which case you can check out the new “2K Drive” trailer below. Dig that Paul Revere-esque tagline!

“2K Drive” is available now in the iOS App Store for $6.99.

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