Xbox One Won't Have Facebook or YouTube Sharing At Launch

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The team at Microsoft continues to inform users of what they won’t available for them at launch.

In an interview with Destructoid, Microsoft Senior Director of Product Planning and Management Albert Penello confirmed that the Xbox One’s Game DVR will only be able to share videos via Xbox Live at launch.  He did say that sharing the videos via Facebook and YouTube will come in 2014 for the console.

For those that don’t know, Xbox One’s Game DVR will allow players to record up to 30 seconds of most recent game play by ushering the “Xbox Record” command to the connect. Users will then be able to edit and upload the content for the world to see at 720p resolution.

The Game DVR will be available only to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

For the sake of comparison, the PlayStation 4 will allow users to save and upload up to 15 minutes of previous game play for sharing on PlayStation Network, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. YouTube sharing has yet to be officially confirmed or denied.

All this news about what the Xbox One won’t be able to do or have at launch will likely prompt users to wait a while before making the $500 purchase this year.

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