No Demo For NBA 2k14

With just one week until it’s retail release, it has been made apparent that there will be no pre-release demo for 2K Sports’ NBA 2k14. Fans will instead just have to wait until October 1 to get their hands on the newest game from the juggernaut NBA 2K series.

While it’s a bit surprising that there won’t be a demo for the game before it hits store shelves, it’s not all that shocking. NBA 2k14 will be featured only on the current generation of consoles for six weeks before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hit the market.

With NBA 2k14 being a launch title for the Next Gen, the team at 2K Sports has put in plenty more effort in getting ready for that launch than making sure fans get to play a snippet of the game a week before it’s release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

2K seems to be going with a “reputation sells” mentality in regards to the current gen product knowing that those who buy the game for this era of console likely have already played the game before. Another reason for the lack of a demo could be the fact that there are no new features that can be showcased via a demo.

Right now, the reasoning for no demo is pure speculation, but what isn’t speculation is that NBA 2k14 releases next week on October 1 across North America.

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