Here's Some PlayStation 4 Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay From TGS (Video)

There has been a lot of focus on another fifth edition of a game series lately, but today we will bring you two new Metal Gear Solid V gameplay videos from the past week’s Tokyo Game Show. They are both running on the PlayStation 4 console. Not only do they take place at different locations, but they also showcase the differences in the Fox Engine’s weather and how it handles and runs day and night.

The first trailer shows off Metal Gear Solid V at night.

During the day:

Based on what I’ve seen from these two videos, there is a definite difference in the style of gameplay between Metal Gear Solid V and what we’ve seen from the series’ earlier games. While the stealth mechanics are still at its core, Snake does not appear to have the benefit of a map on the HUD, instead using Splinter-Cell-esque markers over enemies to track their location on the game map. The player doesn’t appear to be able to do quick kills, however since the game is open world it makes it fair for people playing on Easy/Normal to have a fair fight.

Additionally, another change made in Metal Gear Solid V is the health system. The health/stamina bars have been replaced by blood spattering on the camera, which slowly regenerates over time. This is a frustrating new feature for longtime fans of the series, as this paired with the high-stakes stunt jump made by Snake in his escape Jeep are just steps in the slow solidification of Metal Gear Solid turning into Call of Duty. Hideo Kojima has always produced quality content within the stealth genre, but MGS V seems to be taking a major step away from that field.

There are plenty of other notable things to see in the gameplay videos, so make sure to budget some time today to check them out. Metal Gear Solid V, whenever it will be released, will make its way on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

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