Super Hero Squad Online Bundle Sale Going On Now


Thanks to cable and internet providers, we’ve all been pretty much conditioned to react with some level of eye-rolling when we hear the word “bundle.” But what if I told you that there are, indeed, good bundles out there? Like, say, a way to get multiple characters and their badges in “Super Hero Squad Online” for one discounted price?

See, that’s better already. The bundle sale kicked off on September 20 and runs through September 27, and the fact that there’s 10 different bundles means there’s something for everyone. For web-heads, there’s the Alternate Spideys Bundle so you can get Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara and um, Kaine, I guess, on your squad. If teams are more your thing, you can grab the movie versions of Thor, Hulk and Iron Man in one pack, or the X-Men bundle to get Wolverine, Phoenix, Storm, and Nightcrawler.

There’s more new stuff too, like badges for the entire family of Hulks (green, red, She, but sadly, not blue) and new titles. And since Gazillion almost always throws in a bonus of some sort, you can enter the code “VIGILANT” to get “The Vigilant” title for free. Fitting, no?

So remember, some bundles are good, and you need to buy them now. Or at least by September 27. Do it up.

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