Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 9/20/13


In the wake of the controversy around “Grand Theft Auto 5’s” unskippable and playable torture scene, Hideo Kojima has said the torture scene glimpsed in “Metal Gear Solid 5″ trailers will be kept to a cutscene.

At the Tokyo Game Show Eurogamer asked Kojima whether such scenes were necessary in video games, and if so whether they should be more sensitively implemented.

“It’s something that needs to be done,” said Kojima. “As the expressiveness of video games goes up, if you want to go beyond that it’s not something you can avoid. Of course not all video games have to do this, and in my case it’s not something that I want to go through.”

“Clang,” the Kickstarter funded sword fighter in development by Neal Stephenson’s Subutai studio, has run out of funding.

The studio has announced on its Kickstarter page that the project’s funding has dried up, and that efforts to recruit new investors have proven unsuccessful.

$526,000 was pledged by Kickstarter donorsin July 2012. The game has been in development since then while Subutai pursued investors for the second round of funding.

But according to a spokesperson for the studio, publishers and investors are unwilling to risk funding the project, which includes the development of a bespoke peripheral for use with the game.


It is possible to put an end to video game cheaters? LG seems to think so with a very elegant feature built into their new range of 2013 Smart TVs.

No amount of skill can compensate for wandering eyes. It’s a truth known all too well by gamers throughout time who struggle with the dreaded split screen in their multiplayer sessions.

Enter South Korea-based LG and their 2013 range of Smart TVs. The designers have used the 3D technology in the panels to create a new feature called “Dual Play” in a bid to save the gaming world from Splitters and their antics.

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