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Hiroshi Yamauchi, former President of Nintendo, has died, aged 85. Far from ‘just another games executive’, Yamauchi was the man responsible for Nintendo’s industry-dominating success in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and indeed, was responsible for Nintendo existing as a video games company in the first place.

When he took over the then 60 year-old playing card company from his grandfather in 1949, it wasn’t long before Yamauchi started to realise the limitations of the business, and was inspired to diversify the company’s output. Disney-branded playing cards quickly followed, as did a succession of eclectic enterprises, including taxis, TV, a chain of ‘love hotels’, and instant rice. In the mid-‘60s, Yamauchi transitioned Nintendo into the toy area, launching a great number of successful products under the design of Gunpei Yokoi, eventual inventor of the Game Boy.

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A U.S. court has halted the closing of Vivendi’s $8.2 billion deal to sell most of its stake in Activision Blizzard Inc back to the U.S. video games publisher, delaying its completion.

Vivendi said in July it had agreed to sell most of its stake in the publisher of the blockbuster “Call of Duty” video game franchise for $8.2 billion, paving the way for a broader split of the French conglomerate’s media and telecoms assets.

The Delaware Chancery court decision has temporarily put a hold on the closing after Activision shareholder Douglas Hayes filed a lawsuit arguing the companies breached their legal duty to investors by not submitting the deal to a shareholder vote.


Sony confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show on Thursday that a “Gravity Rush” sequel is in development.

A short teaser at Sony’s booth, which was captured by various publications such as 4Gamer and Famitsu, apparently confirmed the project is a PS Vita title. The game’s predecessor, also a PS Vita title, was praised by critics for its unique spin on the action/adventure formula.

The video showcased “Gravity Rush” heroine Kat and ended with the words, “Fall again… A new project from Team Gravity.”


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