Microsoft Looking Into "Hundreds" Of Xbox One TV Show Ideas

xbox_one_tvAlthough many people joked about the Xbox One’s focus on TV, Microsoft executives are quite serious about achieving their goals in said field of media. They are already developing a Halo series, to be produced by Steven Spielberg, and are working on a TV series for upcoming game, “Quantum Break,” with both TV and game events feeding off each other to progress the story. Now, it seems that Microsoft is just getting started.

Speaking to Bloomberg, vice president of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer said of his company, “They have literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now. We will have some new announcement for TV shows coming pretty soon.”

It is not exactly sure how much of this television programming will be directly related to the Xbox One and its games catalog, but it is expected that at least some of the new programming will be related to Microsoft IP’s.

What fans of both gaming and television are surely hoping for is quality content. I am sure that Spielberg will do a fine job working on a Halo series, but beyond that it is up in the air. If they plan on producing and publishing in house and solely through the Xbox One, just how likely will a TV series based on the content written by video game writers will hold up to the industry standards? If they were to go through external television broadcasting networks, then it is likely there will be much stricter protocols for getting a show to air, meaning that some of their ideas won’t make it to TV screens at all.

The Xbox One will launch worldwide in 13 countries on November 22nd.

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