Not All Xbox One Games Will Be Native1080p, Ryse Upscaled


Considering the advances in computing power the Xbox One has over its predecessor and the fact that it will include a 4K-ready HDMI cable, you’d figure that the last thing we’d have to wonder about is whether the launch titles will be native 1080p.

Not so fast.

When asked Monday night on Twitter about whether Xbox One games would, in fact, be native 1080p, Microsoft Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group dropped this interesting nugget in his reply:

While “look amazing” is a subjective take on the situation (and could actually turn out to be the case), the revelation that “Ryse: Son of Rome” is going to be 900p and upscaled by the console is not. It also happens to be a backtrack on Greenberg’s part, who had tweeted back on September 13 that “Ryse” would be native 1080p, something that media outlets had already started to report. And while it’s something that isn’t going to matter to everyone thinking about buying one of the new consoles, it certainly will to some of them.

It could also very easily become something that Sony could seize upon as the two rivals continue to curry favor with gamers over the next few months. Unless, of course, we’re going to be hit with a similar surprise about PS4 launch titles at some point…

To think, we’ve been so focused on 4K that we took 1080p a little bit for granted. Call it the video game equivalent of running before you walk.

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  • GuardiansFan

    I wonder how the MIcrosoft fanboys that were laughing at the Wii U feel now? And no i’m not criticizing the Xbox One just the fans who thought the Wii U was a joke. I actually own a Wii U and have an Xbox One pre-ordered. Honestly the Kinect and how they handle Entertainment as a whole is what has me excited for the Xbox One…not the Graphics although given time I am sure it will become more and more amazing.

    • Daniel G.

      I’m sure the Xbox One will be great, I’m actually pretty concerned about Ryse. Comments of button “mashing to mastery,” upscaled graphics and some less-than-stellar first hand impressions by several lucky gamers has me wondering how the game will turn out as a final product.

      • GuardiansFan

        I won’t be picking up Ryse….Forza is on my list though. I haven’t decided yet if i will be picking up watchdogs for the xbox one or the wii u…it all depends on how well integrated with the tablet the wii u version is.

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