Tequatl Rises To Menace Guild Wars 2


Dragons are almost always cool. One exception might be if the dragon in question is an evil one that refuses to stay dead. Then yeah, maybe not so much.

That’s become relevant for “Guild Wars 2″ players as of today, because the undead dragon Tequatl the Sunless is back, and he’s… different. Having evolved to learn new attacks and abilities, Tequatl is the focus of the game’s latest event, one that promises you will need “an army of players” to overcome.

There are rewards for risking your neck against Tequatl, including an animated back item called the Wings of the Sunless, and a host of new goodies in the Gem Store. Earning them might be a little more difficult though, as the latest update has also modified bosses all over the game world to make them “more challenging and fun.”

Maybe the most interesting addition (and one that’s not live just yet) is a “Looking For Group” tool. An LFG always seems to be a polarizing concept in any MMORPG community, and “Guild Wars 2″ made it so simple to team up with other players to tackle most kinds of content that it didn’t seem like a glaring omission when the game first launched. But ArenaNet has decided its time has come, and the devs are promising a versatile tool to help you assemble exactly the kind of group you want.

If you’ve drifted away from the game (and I include myself in that camp), this might be the perfect time to dive back in for a bit. You can get more details on Tequatl and everything else that’s new right here.



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