Xbox 360 GTA 5 Owners: Don't Install The Play Disk To HDD

gta 5We’re about 5 hours away from the midnight launch of GTA 5 here on the East coast. Before you head on out to your local game store and lineup outside with your friends, make sure to read this: Rockstar Support wants to make it clear to Xbox 360 owners of the game not to install the play disk. At least, not to the console’s hard drive.

While it has been known for some time that the Xbox 360 requires two disks to play GTA 5Eurogamer and their Digital Foundry looked further into the matter. They concur with Rockstar Games that you should install the properly-titled “Install Disk” that comes with each 360 version of the game to the HDD, but refrain from doing so with the “Play Disk” because it will cause irregularities with streaming texture data. They have a video (embedded below) that further illustrates the differences.

They may have also found a solution, as well. A later video reveals that if you install the “Play Disk” GTA 5 data to a USB flash drive and run the game through that, it runs almost as perfect as playing off the disk. This requires you to own a 16GB minimum USB flash drive, as both disks carry about ~7.7GB of data.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch at midnight tonight with 2 disks for the Xbox 360 and only 1 for the PlayStation 3. Make sure to follow these instructions as to avoid confusion and to allow as little downtime as possible.

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