Mutant Football League Aiming For Return Via Kickstarter

If your console gaming days go back to the Sega Genesis, you no doubt remember EA’s “Mutant League Football.” And if you’re like me, you remember its football meets fantasy RPG, sort of but not exactly like “Blood Bowl” mix of sports and combat fondly.

MFLSoon we may not have to rely on our memories since we could be playing an updated version of the game. “Mutant Football League” is now looking for backers on Kickstarter, hoping to come crashing our way on Xbox Live, iOS and Android if it meets its funding goal of $750,000.

The team assembled for the project is an impressive one. It includes Michael Mendheim, the creator and lead designer of both “Mutant League Football” and “Mutant League Hockey,” and Robomodo Studios, notable for its work on several “Tony Hawk” titles.

Also on board are Eisner Award-winning comic book artist Simon Bisley and animation and comic writers Jay Lender and Micah Wright, and several other well-known but so far undisclosed names are being teased if the project meets its minimum funding level. That’s a lot of talent, but it’s probably necessary if the promises of a great-playing game that also works as a humorous parody of pro football are going to be fulfilled.

Mendheim wants the fans to help contribute to the design of the game, but he’s already outlined some of the features he has in mind. Expect to see 30 teams consisting of humans, mutants, undead, robots, and more, stadiums filled with treacherous booby traps, lethal dirty plays, and fully customizable players—at least as long as they stay alive. Game modes will include single game, playoffs and full seasons, and both the length of games and level of violence will be adjustable.

As for the goodies that go to backers, they run the gamut from “Mutant Football League” shirts, hoodies and jerseys to exclusive in-game plays and animations, as well as an invitation to the launch party for people willing to commit a whole bunch of money to the cause. Which I would, if only I had an extra ten grand laying around somewhere. There are stretch goals too, like hiring voice-over talent and bringing the game to PC, Mac, and next-gen consoles.

In short, it sounds like just the kind of retro-tinged update that usually gets gamers excited. The “Mutant Football League” campaign runs through October 16, and it’s worth checking out if you’d like us to remain friends.

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