Before You Read GTA V Reviews: Watch This Video

I feel like today, of all days, the masses of fans digging through each critique of GTA V will be looking mostly for the score of the review, and not the content of the critique itself. The number is just a number, and doesn’t carry the weight of the pros and cons of the actual written (or spoken) content driven by the critic’s thoughts on the game. That’s why I believe that this video from the guys at Mega64 is an absolute must-watch video before you go off and type an ill-advised comment about any score lower than 9.5/10.

The video parodies everything that gaming executives and fans seem to care about when it comes to lower scores. Complaints about the MetaCritic score, comparing the review score made of this game to another game the critic reviewed, accusations of “cries for attention,” people who haven’t played the game pretending to know the game better than the reviewer; it has everything from a top-tier Mega64 video, and many of the same comments made will be applied when reading comments on GTA V reviews today.

Our own GameSided review of GTA V is on its way. Stay tuned in the days ahead for our critique of the game, and make sure to keep the above video in mind!

Thanks to Wario64 for the reminder.

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