New Video Game Releases: Grand Theft Auto V, Angry Birds Star Wars II And More


Folks, history is upon us. When we’re sitting around holographic recreations of campfires 30 years from now waiting for the servant robots to bring us our soy paste, we’ll be telling our kids that this week was the last big hurrah for the seventh generation of video game consoles.

Oh sure, there are games yet to release for the PS3 and Xbox One that will sell plenty of copies. “FIFA 14″ and its competitor “PES 2014″ will move some units. Surely “Batman: Arkham Origins” will do some business as well.

But when it comes to stirring up excitement among both hardcore gamers and people who only grab a console title every once in a while, there’s a certain sequel to a successful Rockstar franchise that has them all beat.

In fact, due to the shadow cast by said game, there’s hardly even anything else notable coming out for consoles this week. That forced me to turn to mobile games to ensure this wasn’t a post about a single game. Since that’s sort of my beat though, I’m just fine with that.

Anyway, let’s roll into what’s new this week. As if you didn’t already know…

“Grand Theft Auto V” (PS3, Xbox 360)  – September 17

Is it possible that Rockstar saved the best for last? That would be some accomplishment considering how good and popular previous “Grand Theft Auto” games have been, but considering everything we’ve already seen from this one, it’s definitely on the table.

If the base game wasn’t enough, the online mode, which will go live at the beginning of October, appears to have enough promise that it could have been a standalone title and still have been amazing. The eighth-gen consoles are right around the corner, but “GTA V” is certainly poised to send the seventh out with a bang.

“The Wonderful 101″ (Wii U) – September 15

This very Japanese super hero game has been available pretty much everywhere except North America prior to this week. Will its morphing good guys versus giant monsters gameplay catch on here? Are there even enough Wii U owners here for it to make an impact? Good questions.

One of the criticisms against this game seems to be that it’s hard, yet people are constantly bemoaning the fact that video games in general are holding our hands too much these days. Folks, you can’t have it both ways.

“Infinity Blade III” (iOS) – September 18

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, then no mobile game series should feel as flattered as the “Infinity Blade” games. They managed to find a way to make action games work on touchscreens that was so effective that other games just copied it over and over with different themes.

If the developers are to be believed, this is the end of the “Infinity Blade” trilogy, expanding its scope slightly to include a playable female character for the first time. I mean, I guess they could always go the Douglas Adams route and make four or five games in the “trilogy,” right?

“Angry Birds Star Wars II” (iOS) – September 19

No, don’t join the Pork Side! That’s apparently the dilemma you’ll have to grapple with while playing the second mash-up between the world’s most ubiquitous mobile game and one of its most enduring sci-fi franchises.

Though I’ll admit to being  a tad skeptical when the first “Angry Birds Star Wars” was announced, Rovio really did a nice job incorporating both the flavor and some fun game mechanics from the Star Wars universe. With over 30 playable characters this time around, expect more of the same.





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