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Ted DiBiase has made some comments regarding his appearance in the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game, “WWE 2K14.” According to a report by PW Mania on Sept. 12, the legendary wrestler recently talked a little bit about the wrestling simulation title during a radio interview with Ring Rust Radio.

Ted DiBiase was impressed by the general marketing strategy for the video games in the long-running series. He mentioned that a little boy was able to recognize him during a trip in Scotland despite not competing in the ring for over twenty years. He also disclosed that he will be getting a “pretty nice royalty check” for his appearance.

Gorgeous first-person adventure “Gone Home” has made it to 50,000 sales, developer The Fullbright Company has announced.

The Fullbright Company was founded by three former members of 2K; the team’s past credits include “Bioshock 2,” “Bioshock Infinite” and “XCOM: Enemy Unknown.” It set out to make non-violent, non-fantasy games driven by story but informed by game techniques, as opposed to being cinematically-inspired.

We haven’t seen or heard from “Brothers in Arms: Furious 4″ in quite some time. In fact, the last the game was spoken of was a year ago around this very same time, when Gearbox made it known that “Furious 4″ would no longer be attached to the “Brothers in Arms” franchise and that it would become its own property. Well, today a new FX reel reveals that the game seems to still be in development.

Former Kotaku front man, Brian Crecente, tossed up a news bit on Polygon after someone tipped them off to the FX reel. The collage contains other games from Gearbox’s illustrious line-up of shooters and high-end AAA titles because it all comes from special effects wizard, Nick Peterson, a contract worker within the always exciting but equally volatile gaming industry.

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