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“GODUS,” the new god simulator from “Fable” creator Peter Molyneux, is now available through Steam Early Access. Players can buy the beta version of the game now and get access to all future updates and the finished game for no additional charge.

Molyneux’s new game puts you in the role of a deity watching over a group of followers. You’ll shape their world and help their civilization flourish. Developer 22Cans says that the world sculpting is 90% complete so you’ll be able to do a lot of pushing and pulling on your land. You’ll find treasure chests by completing sculpting challenges.

You will also directly guide their followers. As god, you’ll help them build settlements where they can live and worship. You’ll also hand down commandments or technological advances to help them progress into new eras. Each new era will give you access to new features.

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Seasoned “Minecraft” players know that, with serious dedication, they can craft all kinds of cool things in this game, like portals to the netherworld or full-sized models of the Enterprise-D. But what about a brand-new opera?

That’s an ambitious project under construction at Virginia Tech University, where the school’s music department has recruited eight high-schoolers to plot, write and build a “Minecraft” set for an opera to debut this December. Students are building a massive set for “OperaCraft” in the sandbox building game, and will use their Minecraft avatars to act out the opera’s major roles. Voice students from the school’s music department, meanwhile, will lend their voices to the project, which is set to Mozart pieces.

Washington Post

“Payday 2″ has been pretty successful, garnering generally positive reviews and apparent financial success. The team at Overkill is now thinking about what they might do for a sequel, and the oft-requested (and obvious) cops-and-robbers versus mode is on the table.

Eurogamer reports that in a note to investors, publisher Starbreeze said it had sold 1.58 million copies so far. That’s enough for the company to call it a success, even before the planned year of downloadable content.

Game director David Goldfarb says the team is considering adding a versus mode, in which one team plays as the cops, but it would be such a big change that it seems more likely for a sequel.


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