Star Wars: Force Collection Launches The Battle Of The Death Star

Any mobile card battle game worth its salt needs some events to keep interest high, and “Star Wars: Force Collection” is no exception. Even though it launched just a week ago, the game is already hitting players with its first event, drawing on an iconic part of the Star Wars mythology for “The Battle of the Death Star.”

Playing a little fast and loose with Star Wars lore (as does the game in general, but hey), “The Battle of the Death Star” focuses on the time during the construction of the second Death Star. The Rebel Alliance has been able to sneak troops aboard the partially finished space station to try sabotaging it from within, while the Empire has dispatched its own forces to stop them. Players can choose to aid either side during the event, which is scheduled to run from September 11 through September 25 at 3 am EST.

SWFC_BotDSSpecial quests will have you battling through various locations on the Death Star. At random intervals, you’ll encounter one of three things: an ally who will lend one card to assist in your next battle, an optional PvP battle, or the real objective of the event, a raid boss. Raid bosses come in normal and rare varieties and may be difficult to defeat on your own. The initial attack on any raid boss is free, but subsequent attacks cost two Battle Points for standard damage or five Battle Points to have all of your cards do three times the damage.

You can also call for help from other players to take down raid bosses within a specified time limit. The idea is to defeat as many of them as possible before the event ends, because the reward will be… well, far more than you can imagine. Actually, both normal and rare bosses have their own reward ladders, which include crystals, Battle Point refills, special cards and more.

Speaking of special cards, some powerful ones have been added to the game especially for “The Battle of the Death Star” that do three or six times damage against raid bosses. These include four-star versions of Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader and three-star variations of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo (in their Stormtrooper disguises from “A New Hope”), Boba Fett and IG-88B.

It all looks and sounds pretty great, but the event launch has been anything but smooth. “Star Wars: Force Collection” has already come down for one emergency maintenance session today, and attempts to fight raid bosses sometimes return a “The Server is Busy” screen. Hopefully Konami gets the bugs worked out, because players certainly seem to be digging the first chance to explore some new content.


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