Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 9/11/13


Apple is showing off new iPhones to the world, which means Epic Games needs to announce a new “Infinity Blade” game. “Infinity Blade 3″ is “the epic conclusion of the ‘Infinity Blade’ trilogy,” and it promises to have eight worlds, two playable characters, and areas as big or bigger than the entire first game. It has the honor of being the first-ever 64-bit game for iOS devices.

“Infinity Blade 3″ has you playing as Siris and the “stealthy female warrior-thief Isa.” Each character features three unique combat styles, as they try to destroy the Worker of Secrets.


No one likes to think about it but there will be a day when Stan Lee’s cameos will end. He may be an indefatigable 90-year-old but the co-creator of The Fantastic Four, Hulk and Spider-Man is still only human. But, in the upcoming “Lego Marvel Super-Heroes” video game, Stan Lee is pretty much omnipotent.

Game director Arthur Parsons—one of the folks who’ve made Lego games for the last decade or so—gave me a rundown of all the powers Stan Lee can use in the game and, yeah, you’d basically need the Ultimate Nullifier to take the Man down. The Stan character can essentially wield almost all of the abilities from the various powersets in the game.


Detailed on “Dead Rising 3’s” co-op mode have appeared online, revealing the second character accompanying protagonist Nick Ramos in zombie infested Los Perdidos.

“Dead Rising 3’s” co-op mode allows players to break the chronology of single-player. By joining a player further in the game, chapters can be completed before reaching them naturally in the game’s campaign, effectively allowing a player to skip them when they return to their own solo campaign.

Second players will fill the boots of Dick, a truck driver that finds himself at “the wrong diner on the wrong day”.



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