Sony Japan Announces The PS Vita TV, Priced At 9,954 Yen

Sony Japan held a press conference earlier today, in which they announced the PS Vita TV. It is a very small device priced at 9,954 Yen that connects to your TV so you can play Vita games on the bigger screen using a DualShock 3 controller.

The system, according to Wired, will work with over 1,300 games (including PSP and PSX content downloaded through the PlayStation Network) when it launches in Japan November 14th later this year. However, any games that mandate use of the touchpad, camera or motion sensors cannot be used on the PS Vita TV. You can, however, use the system to stream videos and other media content and will include a future update that will let you stream your PlayStation 4 system on a separate TV within your house.

It’s great news for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of unplugging your system and plugging it into another television in your house. It’s unclear if the PS Vita TV will be headed overseas at any point in the future, however. If it does, the going rate for Yen would allow us to estimate a ~$100 price here in North America.

Keep it here at GameSided as we cover the rest of the Sony Japan press conference throughout the rest of the day.

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