PS Vita To Get 64GB Memory Card In Japan October 10th

Earlier at Sony Japan’s press conference they announced many new things in store for the PS Vita. First it was the new models, then it was the PS Vita TV. They also revealed more cost-effective memory cards (which was also previously announced at gamescom 2013), but this time they revealed a new 64GB memory card priced at 10,479 Yen.

It will be available in Japan October 10th later this year, but it has only been confirmed for that region. The possibility exists to import the PS Vita memory card when it launches, however it would be a lot easier for North American Vita gamers if the card were available here.

The 64 GB card is double the size of the 32 GB memory card, which until now was the largest available in the lineup of PS Vita memory cards. The other sizes are 32 GB (reduced to 6,480 Yen), 16 GB (reduced to 3,780 Yen), 8 GB (reduced to 1,980 Yen) and 4 GB (reduced to 1,480 Yen). PS Vita owners who had previously complained about data management and deleting game content and install files to make room for new games should rejoice at this news, even if some of the bigger cards cost the equivalent of $65 and $100 in USD.

We will have more Sony Japan conference news throughout the day, so stay tuned!

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