Someone Is Using Bots To Balance PS4 vs Xbox One Twitter Contest


When both Microsoft and Sony released their next-gen consoles earlier this year, GameSpot put up an international Twitter “contest” to show which console the fans truly favored. Fans could send a tweet containing #GameSpotPS4 to show allegiance for the PlayStation 4 or #GameSpotXbox to show allegiance for the Xbox One. What resulted in the PS4 vs Xbox One battle was an overwhelming advantage in favor of the PS4 (taken some hours ago), including an 89:11 lean in USA, 9:1 in Canada and 91% to Xbox One’s 9% overall. But now the tides are beginning to turn through some dubious means.

As noted by an anonymous poster on 4chan’s video games board, someone is using Twitter bots to spam #GameSpotXbox over and over on multiple accounts. The result: Xbox One now has a 6:4 lead over the PS4 in the USA with ~9,000 new votes in a short amount of time. Additionally, Canada’s vote count jumped from 1,110 to 1,376 and the PS4 now leads only 74% to Xbox One’s 26%.

Update: While the amount of bot voting presently searchable on Twitter doesn’t quite add up to the discrepancy, the page tracking this information on Gamespot states, “We are not storing any personally identifiable data–just hashtags and locations.” Seeing as you can’t view the tweets of private Twitter accounts, that may be one way that the spammers are making up the difference. We will contact GameSpot in hopes of clarity on this matter.

ps4 vs xbox one


While we cannot confirm who is behind the onslaught of sudden bot-voting in Microsoft’s favor in the “battle of PS4 vs Xbox One,” whoever is responsible for this is committing one of the utterly saddest acts of delusion. Regardless of it being for money or for fun in their spare time, the fact that somebody spent a lot of time to create multiple email addresses required to create multiple Twitter accounts in order to spam a GameSpot contest that has been mostly inactive and forgotten is really disheartening. It’s a poll on the internet! Unless you’re convinced that USA coming out on top in favor of Xbox One over the PS4 on GameSpot will turn the tide in Microsoft’s behaviour, it is a waste of time.

The Xbox One releases worldwide on November 22, while the PS4 will be released in North America on November 15 and Europe on November 29. Maybe then we will begin to see what the consumers truly think of the next-gen consoles.

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  • LupineMP3j

    Wow! lol. Yeah, whoever’s doing this is an idiot. It doesn’t change anything, and this poll is old anyway.

  • Arroz Con Pollo

    Xbots are so desperate

    • Joseph Lan

      More like Microsoft’s PR department is desperate. Can you say “shills?”

    • ano1batman

      Funny because it is literally bots. XD

      • Josiah Grey

        Lmao xD Yeah that shit is funny

    • slims_post

      This could just as easily have been done by a PS3 fanboy who then drew attention to it as a way to discredit Xbox, it’s not like it was ever likely to go unnoticed so who gains from a story like this?

      • quinten488

        Why waste their time when the PS4 is already on top?

        • slims_post

          Why do fanboys spend so much time trying to trash a rival console in general? I don’t know but they do and I don’t think that being ahead has ever stopped them before so I don’t think you can rule it out completely.

          • Dustin Hughes

            Xbox fanboys trash Sony just as much as Sony fanboys trash Xbox. It goes both ways. But seriously, why would a “Sony fanboy” try to discredit Xbox when they’re doing such a fine job of that themselves?

      • ReddChief78

        Lol nice try but NO

      • Matthew Bryant

        That’s illogical crap. It’s obvious that it was done by a XBox fan, and whoever did it is the epitome of pathetic.

      • Axe99

        Unlikely – emotional motivation far stronger for some poor Xbox supporter. Hope it’s MS PR doing it, as it means there isn’t some poor kid out there spending their time on this for nix.

      • Josiah Grey

        A Playstation fanboy going out of their way to troll support the Xbox One? Reaching much? Lol

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    That’s a little sad (and a little late) to be honest.

    Still it doesn’t change anything, and even if they do manage to turn the tables on this particular poll, it doesn’t change the fact that there have been no polls where the Xbox One has come out on top, it has always been the PS4 winning the countless polls held by a significant margin. Such as;

    World Versus – PS4: 73% …

    Amazon – PS4: 95% …

    & many others from sites such as IGN, Polar, Kotaku, etc.

    • captcrunch88

      I felt your comment is inspired by Tony Stark from the Avengers (Loki’s conversation with Tony) LOL.

  • Cristi
  • Juhis815

    Seriously, the one person who thinks Xbox One will beat the competition is probably SO JEALOUS about PS4 that it would destroy the competition, but I have voted to the PS4′s side, and it will be, regardless how Xbox One is doing in terms of sales.

  • James Oldfield

    LOL, how sad is this? I mean it’s just ridiculous. Why can’t he accept that PlayStation 4 is more popular because it is better?? I mean, I’m getting an Xbox One instead but still… It’s pathetic, really.

  • Smokeydogg


  • MnMan

    Saddest form of delusion: setting up a bot to support your favorite console
    Second saddest form of delusion: casting a vote for either console in the first place

    Honestly all these polls do is show which fanbase is more pathetic. Clearly the PS4 doesn’t enjoy a 9:1 edge at this stage in the game. Silly to think that. And this article seems to assume private bots are spamming X1 but not the PS4.

    Just a dumb take.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Your post is pretty ironic. Just saying…

      • Dustin Hughes

        I know right? Calling people delusional for voting in an online poll, while he’s trolling the internet looking up articles on the consoles and commenting in the discussions.

        Granted, the PS4 is not enjoying a 9:1 advantage currently, but it still vastly ahead of the X1. Anyone harboring the delusion that the X1 is just trying to stay in the race at this point is almost as pathetic as the kid who’s spamming the polls.

  • Jason Mounce

    Proof of the amount of maturity in the Xbox fanbase ‘AND’ only the ones who’re butthurt in the U.S. the rest of the world hasn’t got time to get their panties in a bunch because they’re busy pre-ordering a PS4 or simply not buying an Xbox Done

    • aawells07

      “Proof of the amount of maturity in the Xbox fanbase”

      It looks as tho you have the same level of immaturity. Good to know.

      • Jason Mounce

        You sound upset.

  • Rakim69

    The funny thing is that even with the xbots spam… PS4 still dominating at 84% WW. Some people gonna get hurt in November.

  • AnonymUce

    I’m not even surprised!

  • Zachariah

    Wow, what a dingleberry. As some who is buying an Xbox One(buying a PS4 too) I have to say this guy is sadly pathetic. At the end of the day it’s only plastic. I respect all my fellow gamer’s, whether you’re on PS, Wii U, PC, or handheld, enjoy your platform of choice & happy gaming.

    • DesertDragon

      I really have to agree with you. We are all gamers and that’s what it should be. i have had all the consoles and handhelds and loved them all. Stop the HATE you non gamers.

  • Kenshin


    • quinten488

      Pathetic huh…

  • quinten488

    Wow, Xbots are getting derperate. Microsoft failed you, deal with it.

  • Maverick Saturn

    A new meaning to the term ‘Xbot’

  • psychoSupaman

    Who cares?! What the hell, get whatever you want. We have more serious things to fight, like Ben Afflack being batman!! Now that’s a travesty!

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  • Matthew Bryant

    Spending that much time skewing a poll in your favor? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • Nocturne

    yet theres no need for the wii u to be in this because it would get first everywhere

    • Rakim69

      Please no troll about wii u, it’s already have a hard time to sell.

  • paul proudman

    Xboners up in arm trying to defend there beloved xbone lol

  • paul proudman

    Damage is already done, pre-orders made………….ps4 is outselling Xbox world wide……….. silly little twitter vote won’t change that

  • mathMaticks

    It is Microsoft, and their army of Reputation Management,.. -they will fail hard.

  • jason21521

    Whoever did this is just wasting their time cuz the PS4 will still and forever dominate

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  • Osei TheTalent Tyson

    Bored programmer with a sense of humor? But why bother.Won’t impact sales at all.

  • north58

    hahahaha the only people getting a xbox one are the people that couldn’t get a launch PS4

  • Roxy

    Sony is scared so they made bots vote for Xbox to nulify the vote and make fun of Xbox fans as Xbots at the same time.

    • Unknown

      Seems like you can’t take the immaturity of your fanbase.

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