Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 9/8/13


Popular PC game digital distribution service GoG has ruled out support for the Linux platform for the forceable future.

GoG rep Trevor Longino told Gaming On Linux that, unlike Valve’s Steam service, the distributor won’t make the jump to Linux because it couldn’t honour its strict customer support policies.

“Since our birth over 5 years ago we have always provided full customer support for all games we have released. That is not going to change.”


Out of all the insane innovations and clever designs Hideo Kojima has come up in the 15 years since “Metal Gear Solid,” uh, solidified his place among the gaming greats (y’know, more than it already was), bringing the iconic stealth series into an open-world setting allowing for complete player freedom is perhaps one of the most significant notions video games’ preeminent auteur has ever set out to do.

The reason of course isn’t just so players can approach Punished Snake’s mission through Afghanistan (and assuredly many other locales) however they want – that would be too straightforward for Kojima. He also wants fans to be able to interact with “MGSV” using smartphones, tablets and probably other touchscreen devices as a second screen, according to an interview with OPM UK.

Luc Bernard wants to make a Holocaust video game. He has contemplated the idea for well over five years, and, after working on other game projects, he is finally ready to raise money for it on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

So far, no publishers have wanted to touch the game, “Imagination Is The Only Escape.” But in the world of today’s digital self-publishing platforms, Bernard thinks he can build and launch the title about a little boy’s escape from the Nazis for just $125,000. First, however, he has to convince the world and potential donors that a game like this should exist at all.


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