Get Ready For Survival Missions In Super Hero Squad Online

You know what would make “Super Hero Squad Online” even better? More MODOK. Because that misshapen floating head is somehow strangely endearing. Also, lots more enemies to beat up would be great, especially if they wear flat beekeeper helmets and yellow jumpsuits.

Apparently the developers at Gazillion knew all of this already, as evidenced by the new Survival Missions. As the name suggests, these special missions will have you seeing how long you can last when faced with endless waves of villians. The first one features the nattily attired scientists of A.I.M. and their third-greatest creation, MODOK. Yes, the same guys who were able to invent a cube that could alter all of reality on a whim also gave a giant head psionic powers. Because hey, why not?

Survival Missions get tougher the farther you advance, and if that’s not hard enough, the new Crisis Mode will put a test to a full team of Squaddies. And as long as we’re talking about dangerous threats to all of existence, this is a good time to mention that Dark Phoenix is lurking right around the corner. Except she’s going to be a playable character, so that makes her ridiculously dangerous powers okay, I guess.

Anyway, there are hints in the developer blog about how best to tackle Survival Missions, so read up before you hero up.

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