Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 9/3/13

Announcement of a Nintendo 2DS handheld console is causing a collective “eh” among fans of the pioneering gaming company.

The new console hopes to entice the entry-level gamer (i.e. kids) with a large catalog of games designed for the Nintendo 3DS and DS while appealing to parents with a low price point ($129). Unlike its counterpart, the 2DS does not have 3-D visual effects, nor can it be folded shut like other DS handheld consoles.

Instead, the 2DS remains flat and fixed, much like a tablet. The controls are similar to other Nintendo handheld consoles and screen sizes are the same as the 3DS unit.

While critics are split over whether this is a good idea for the company in the long term, fans in forums and social media are shaking their heads. Some are asking why a 2DS model is needed when 3-D can be turned off on the current console, while others are calling for Nintendo executives’ heads.


Social interactions and ‘discoverability’ is are what will set PlayStation 4 gaming apart from PS3 and current-gen gaming in general, according Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida.

When asked highlight a single aspect of PS4 in a recent Q&A, Yoshida described “the discoverability of things”.

“It’s like checking your social media every day,” he explained. “I really like that people can find out about new games, information, and what their friends are doing, without even booting the game.

“For example, you can check out whether you have had new challenges from friends from the home screen of every game. All the important information is presented to you immediately. The same game might come out on PS3 and PS4, but playing the game on PS4 will be much more fun, I would expect,” he said.


Today during a PAX Prime panel, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that the studio is working on two new franchises for the next-generation of consoles.

These are in addition to other new projects the company is working on, Pitchford said. During the panel, Pitchford joked, “Should we announce ‘Borderlands 3’?”

Gearbox Software confirmed last year that “Brothers in Arms: Furious Four” will be reimagined as a new IP.



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