Xbox One To Allow Eight Synced Controllers At Once

Since game consoles started supporting wireless controllers a decade ago, the most a player could have connected to one system was a combination of four wired/wireless controllers.

Now, that is all about to change.

According to’s updated product page for the Xbox One controller, the new console from Microsoft will support up to eight wireless controllers connected at one time. The number is double the amount that the Xbox 360 allows.

The page also states that the new controller will have a range of 30ft.

Microsoft’s primary competitor, Sony, has yet to detail just how many DualShock 4 controllers will be allowed to be connected to a PlayStation 4 at one time. The PS3 currently allows up to seven, so one has to expect that the PS4 will allow at least seven, if not more than the Xbox One.

Each additional Xbox One controller, aside from the one that comes with the system, will run consumers $60 a piece.

The Xbox One launches this November for $499.


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